Department Badge Tuolumne County Sheriff
Media Bulletin for Sunday, April 20, 2014

08:56 MISC INFORMATION 140419022
Occurred at Seco St/Main St, Jamestow. Rp states there are tree cutters at the business at the end of the street who are cutting down trees. Rp is concerned that since that is considered a historical district the resps do not have the proper permits. //
Spoke to the RP's husband. He explained his wife called because when they had built on their property the county "gave them hell" for cutting trees. I explained this would most likely be handled by the planning department. He agreed and said that is what he told her. nfa. . Disposition: Log Note.

08:56 ABUSE 140419023
Occurred at Avalon Health Care on Greenley Rd. , Sonora. rp is reporting his nephew put him in a care home against his will and also sold the rp's home without the rp's permission
///Summary: spoke with the medical staff and they informed me the rp has been staying in their facility for about 2 years due to numerous medical condition including Alzheimer. I spoke with and he stated that he did not send him to Avalon against his will. He went to visit him earlier this morning but they got into an argument which caused him to call the police. I informed the rp that due to his health conditions, he needed to stay in the facility. rp said he hated the place and was going to escape and would not be brought back without a fight. I was able to calm him down and he agreed to stay. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred at Hwy 108/COUNTY Line, Dardanel. Req to speak to oncall environmental health. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

11:21 THEFT - ALL 140419028
Occurred on Green St, Columbia. Refer to inc 140419034; rp in the lobby for contact; Rpts theft. ///SUMMARY: see report for info. . Disposition: Report Taken.

11:25 THREATS - ALL 140419029
Occurred on Greenoaks Ct, Sonora. Rp is in the lobby for contact; rp reports threats from her daughter //
RP reported she had been in an argument with her daughter over taking the grandkids to church on Easter. The mother did not want the child to go. RP and her daughter argued, ongoing, and the RPs daughter made a vague threat about killing the RP's husband; did not meet 422 PC. RP requested documentation and advice on what to do. RP admitted she had been told to seek a restraining order before. RP's grandkids live with her but she does not have custody. I advised getting the TRO, seek custody and work with CWS due to concerns. . Disposition: Log Note.

11:33 DISABLED VEHICLE 140419030
Occurred at Phoenix Lake Rd/Paseo De Los Portales, Sonora. . Disposition: Citizen Assisted or Community Orientated Policing.

11:57 911 HANG UP 140419031
Occurred on Ferretti Rd, Grovelan. 911HU, on call back made contact with who advises she was trying to track a package. No emergency. . Disposition: Log Note.

12:03 ASSIST CHP 140419032
Officer initiated activity at Seventh Av/Seventh St, Jamestown.Summary: Assited CHP with traffic stop. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

Occurred on Green St, Columbia. Refer to inc 140419028
///SUMMARY: See report for info. . Disposition: Report Taken.

12:40 ALARM ALL TYPES 140419037
Occurred at Ward Residence on Hershey Rd E. , Tuolumne. Audible, activation at the den left window; key holder pending. // 1242 hrs keyholder eta of 20 in gry pontiac grand am///Summary: Key holder arrived on scene and opened the house. The house was clear and secure. False alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm will be billed.

12:52 TRAFFIC STOP 140419039
Officer initiated activity at Dodge Ridge Ski Resort, Dodge Ridge Rd, Pinecrest.Chair 5
//suspicious vehicle, hood was warm, area checked but no one around. nfat. . Disposition: Log Note.

13:08 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140419041
Occurred at Columbia State Park on Main St/Washington St. , Columbia. Rpts dropped off his children at his ex wife s house for a 4 hr visitation at the Columbia State park. Crystal is taking the children back to her residence in Columbia. Rules of visitation is that is not supposed have any drug offenders around the children. Rp believes is at the residence and he is a drug offender.
Rpis standing by in his truck at the corner of Jackson/Main St.
//Summary: rp stated he seen dirving in the area of mom's residence and assumed that he was there with his kids. He was advised there was no violation of visitation order and he understood. He was advised to go back to court to change the visitation conditions.
veh desc/blue,chev,silverado.

Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

13:28 VERBAL DISPUTE 140419042
Occurred on Greenoaks Ct, Sonora. Rpts is "going crazy" at the end of the driveway. 415 between resp and her parents. Unknown weapons, Heard only. ////2nd Rp calling advisng her daughter is flipping out. Lots of screaming heard on the line. . Resp is upset because her 14yoa daughter will not go with her and the juv ran to the neighbors for safety. Rp believes April is high on drugs. Resp is outside the residence screaming at everyone.
April is driving a blue, jeep. ///male subject passed away at residence after argument with step daughter. Per family Heutons was requested, Next of Kin wife, was on scene.//
Ref: 140419029//

Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Coroners Case Natural Causes.

13:43 911 HANG UP 140419043
Occurred at Fleming Meadows Campground on Bonds Flat Rd. , La Grang. Immediate hang up/////pay phone ///upon call back to the campground spoke with Jennifer who advised they will check the payphone at the lagoon and will call back with findings. ///1352hrs Denton Sturdivan called back and advised he checked the payphone and could not find anyone or an emergency. . Disposition: Log Note.

14:20 PEDESTRIAN STOP 140419044
Officer initiated activity at Old Priest Grade/Hwy 120, Moccasin.1/2 up Old Priest Grage w/a female and a red truck ////SUMMARY: Subject had hit a calf in the road and was concerned it had been injured. We did not locate the calf. . Disposition: Citizen Assisted or Community Orientated Policing.

14:26 THEFT - ALL 140419045
Occurred at Kohls on Mono Wy. , Sonora. 3 juvs in custody for shoplifting.
///summary: Juvies cited and released to parents. See report for details. . Disposition: Citation Criminal.

Occurred at McDonalds Restaurant on Mono Wy. , Sonora. 11-82 in the parking lot
////SUMMARY: drivers were exchanging info. NFA needed, CHP advised. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

Occurred at Srmc on Greenley Rd. , Sonora C. Patient 1144 in the ER. Came by amb earlier today. ///Elderly female came in to ER earlier by ambulance, needed to be flown out for emergency surgery. Patient did not want to go, became unresponsive and passed away at SRMC ER. Next of Kin notified and on way from Southern California. . Disposition: Coroners Case Natural Causes.

15:20 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 140419049
Occurred at Mono Wy/Tuolumne Rd, Sonora. Dead deer right hand side of the road. . Disposition: Animal Control (Dispatched by TCSO).

15:31 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 140419050
Occurred on Mueller Dr, Grovelan. Above the tennis courts, third hand info of 2 subjects in some sort of 415, one poss has a baseball bat . No further info. ////SUMMARY: a male subject had gotten into a verbal argument over money with Resp . Resp grabbed a baseball bat in anticipation of a fight with the male subject. Both parties admitted fault and apologized to each other. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:39 NOISE COMPLAINT 140419051
Occurred at Caddo Cir/Caddo Cir, Sonora. Rpts loud music and a strange smell coming from a house at the end of Caddo Cir.
At the end of Caddo on the right over the hill backdown the hill on the right side.
house desc/single story, junk out front. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:49 ALARM ALL TYPES 140419053
Occurred at Surovik Residence on Willow St. , Jamestow. Audible alarm, area of activation front door; keyholder info pending ////1554hrs Rpts is a caregiver and advised the male unplugged all the phones and is on scene with him but could give passcodes. Male homeowner is on scene and is very upset with the alarm.
//Summary: false alarm, rp was code four. . Disposition: False Alarm will be billed.

15:58 FOOT PATROL 140419054
Officer initiated activity at Pinecrest School, Old Strawberry Rd, Strawberry.//foot patrol only. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

Occurred at Columbia Candle & Soap on Broadway St. , Columbia. Parrotts ferry road behind the candle co. Ranger out with a 647f and is req a deputy.

1647 hrs, req unit expedite, now at Fallon Theater at Eagle Cottage, one in handcuffs, but is having issues with the subjects./////1658hrs Rp advised deputy to 10-22; Ranger enroute to TCJ with the female. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

16:48 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 140419058
Occurred on Serrano Rd, Sonora. Rpts having a domestic violence situation with her husband for the past 24-48hrs. Rp rpts both have been physically fighting on and off. Rp rpts her husband was hitting her and she scratched his face. Rpts the male has left in the van to go to his moms house in Columbia and has the children with his mother. Resp is on h and s. 11-41 refused. Rp given the phone number for CNVC. . Disposition: Report Taken.

17:02 THEFT - ALL 140419059
Occurred on American River Dr W, Sonora. 10-21 rp; rpts theft of items from the res; poss suspect info.
////SUMMARY: RP advised she wants documentation.. Advised she will press charges if behavior continues. RP states she does not know where the resp. are selling or pawning jewlery but will get more info. when involved partied return from Easter vacation.\\\\. . Disposition: Log Note.

17:29 VANDALISM 140419061
Occurred on Carlozzi Dr, Soulsbyv. Rp reports someone broke their mailbox from the metal post
////SUMMARY: RP requesting extra patrol checks, advised this is the second time this year this has happened. RP has no description of suspect(s) and advised they are getting a PO Box\\\\. . Disposition: Log Note.

17:30 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 140419062
Occurred at Avalon Health Care on Greenley Rd. , Sonora. Rpts a resident left the facitlity and is on Greenley Rd ifo the hospital with Avalon workers and refusing to return to the facility.
ref to inc# 140419023. . Disposition: Log Note.

18:33 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 140419066
Occurred at Bald Mtn Rd N/Big Hill Rd, Columbia. 10-21 Rp Rpts a Rotweiler on Big Hill Rd attacked the rp's vehicle causing damage to the vehicle. Rp believes that if anyone walked by the residence the dog would kill somone. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

18:48 All boating related calls for service 140419071
Occurred at New Melones Reservoir on New Melones/Melones. . Rpts he is stranded on the lake near Shell Rd. Towards Table mtn. 2 kids, 2 handicapped adults, 2 adults.
boat desc/white,blue stripe,seaswirl,blue awning. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

19:12 TRAFFIC STOP 140419074
Officer initiated activity at Cassaretto Ct/Pine Mtn Dr, Groveland.////SUMMARY: Subject Was parked near the closed entrance using his cell phone. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

19:18 WELFARE CHECK 140419076
Occurred on North Fork Rd, Long Bar. Rpts a female in her 50's-60's in the woods behind the cabin drinking vodka straight out of the bottle and poss living in the woods. Rp has family at the cabin and they are concerned for the woman and would like a welck.
//met with , said while they were target shooting and a female appeared out of the forest and asked them to stop shooting. I checked the area, discovered female walking in forest nearby, said her address was 26144 Northfork. I soon met with her there and she said she'd earlier heard shooting and sounded like was closer than really was. She found subjects and asked them to not shoot in her direction. I counseled her on seeking out gunshots by herself. appeared to be shooting in a safe manner. nfat. . Disposition: Log Note.

19:22 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 140419077
Occurred on Rebekah Rd, Long Bar. Chp has received numerous calls from subj named who is getting into verbal with subj blocking roadway w/veh. chp was enroute for the 1125 . // dispatch called and spoke to Aaron who says that he is trying to help a neighbor . having issues w/his neighbor who is purposely blocking . assoc veh/whi 4dr lic/4DVU482. argument over easement.
////SUMMARY: Neighbor moved vehicle. I adviced this is a civil issue, neighbor believes he has easement rights to the roadside and driveway access\\\\. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

Officer initiated activity at Deer Flat Rd/Hwy 120, Groveland.////SUMMARY: Couple watching the sunset. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

20:14 AMBULANCE CALL 140419080
Occurred on Breckenridge Rd, Grovelan. 25yoa female 4mos gestation, in a lot of pain. - rp receiving info via messaging - patient doesn't have a phone line. . Disposition: Medical Call.

20:14 VERBAL DISPUTE 140419081
Occurred at Seventh St/Fifth Av, Jamestow. Rpts six - eight people in the middle of the road on Seventh av towards Fifth st yelling at eachother . Rp can see fighting. Fighting broke up and are walking different directions. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

20:34 BURGLARY 140419082
Occurred on Soledad Wy N, La Grang. Rpts someone is stealing the neighbors trailer. Resp is grinding the chain off the trailer from a tree. Rp has a spotlight on the resp, the resp is ignoring the rp and he is still grinding off the chain and banging on it with a hammer. Resp has been at the residence for approx 5 min.
veh desc/90's,chev,white cab,flat bed,ca lic 7u24581 /////2041hrs Rp advised the owner of the truck is the owner of the trailer. No 459 in progress. NFA. . Disposition: Log Note.

21:01 TRAFFIC STOP 140419084
Officer initiated activity at Elder Ln/Hwy 120, Groveland.////SUMMARY: Non-illuminated headlamp. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

21:22 PATROL CHECK 140419085
Occurred on Sunshine Hill Rd, Sonora. A newer dark colored sedan drove by rp's house and is now at the above address. Rp has seen it drive back and forth a couple of times today.
// car just left. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

21:29 Party 140419086
Occurred on Ninth St, Jamestow. Rpts her friend is renting rooms to juv's and they are partying and drinking. ///
SUMMARY: Contacted RP who rents a room in her house. RP said the renter has several Juveniles over and they were disturbing her. Contacted the renter and juveniles. Juveniles were told to go home and advised renter to watch their noise level. NFAT. . Disposition: Log Note.

21:34 PEDESTRIAN STOP 140419087
Officer initiated activity at Mono Wy/Cavalieri Rd, Sonora.Summary: Consensual contact. Code-4. . Disposition: Log Note.

21:40 PEDESTRIAN STOP 140419088
Occurred at Mono Wy/Cavalieri Rd, Sonora. Out a female.
Summary: Consensual Contact. Subject was code-4. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

Officer initiated activity at Southern Tuolumne Co Historical, Main St, Groveland.////SUMMARY: Subject was using the free wi-fi at the building. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

22:03 MISC INFORMATION 140419091
Occurred on Lake Front Rd, Jamestow. X Lake Tulloch from rp's - rp is seeing SOS signal lights on the shoreline or possibly from a house or parking lot in Copperopolis. // rp transferred to Calaveras SO. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

Officer initiated activity at Pine Mtn Dr/Cresthaven Dr, Groveland.Pine mountain lake lodge. ////SUMMARY: Male subject and female subject parked in the parking lot talking. served a 310 form. . Disposition: Log Note.

22:18 NOISE COMPLAINT 140419093
Occurred on Blue Bell W, Sonora. Neighbor's to the L have been running their generator for about the past 3mos and its becoming unbearable for rp and her family; they all are having a hard time sleeping. resp:Steve // rp was hoping a deputy would ask them to turn it off during the night. Rp will also be calling Community Development during business hours to see if they may be able to intervene. . Disposition: Log Note.

22:24 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 140419094
Occurred on Fifth Av, Jamestow. Rpts two males outside the rps residence yelling at eachother. Both males left in a white,Nissan,pk heading down fifth av towards railtown. Rp believes they are related to the incident from earlier. ref to inc# 140419081.
1st veh desc/red,toyota,celica
2nd veh desc/white,nissan,pk. . Disposition: Log Note.

22:29 TRAFFIC STOP 140419095
Officer initiated activity at Mono Wy/Hillsdale Dr, Sonora.Summary: Warning for 4000 (a) CVC. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

22:35 Party 140419096
Occurred on Silver Dawn Dr, Sonora. Rpts the neighbors are having a party and is seems to be getting out of control. Rp can the music and screaming from 15acres away. Rp believes there are a lot of underage kids drinking at the party.
resp/Hastings, Morgan
////SUMMARY: Checked area, no signs or noise of a party.\\\\. . Disposition: Log Note.

22:39 AMBULANCE CALL 140419097
Occurred on Fifth Av, Jamestow. Vehicle into fence. rp states there is injury. ////Per CHP vehicle vs tree ////Summary: assisted CHP with accident and 415's. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

22:51 TRAFFIC STOP 140419098
Officer initiated activity at Restano Wy/S Washington St, Sonora City.Summary: Turnover to Sonora Police Department. . Disposition: Deuce Turn Over.

23:00 TRAFFIC STOP 140419099
Officer initiated activity at The Peppery Gar And Brill, Mono Wy, Sonora. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

23:04 PEDESTRIAN STOP 140419100
Officer initiated activity at Phoenix Lake Rd/Creekside Dr, Sonora.Male stumbling in the roadway.
Summary: Subject was HBD, negative 647 (F) PC. Given a ride home. . Disposition: Log Note.

23:06 THEFT - ALL 140419101
Occurred on Starr King Dr, Soulsbyv. Rp rpts a vehicle stopped at the neighbors house and stole a package off of the neighbors porch. Rp followed the resp vehicle, confronted the resp, and was able to obtain the stolen pckg. Rp did not get a lic on the vehicle or names of the resps. Resp vehicle lives on the corner of Starr King and Lower Starr King.
resp veh/white,ford,truck,lumber racks, and a ladder.
////SUMMARY: SEE REPORT\\\\. . Disposition: Report Taken.

23:20 VANDALISM 140419102
Occurred at Pjs Cafe And Pizzeria on Main St. , Grovelan. Rpts while he was at work someone broke the window of his vehicle. ////SUMMARY: Rp's front passenger window was broken. See report for further. . Disposition: Report Taken.

23:24 TRAFFIC STOP 140419103
Officer initiated activity at Tamarron Mhp, Mono Wy, Sonora.////SUMMARY: Stopped vehicle for cutting off another vehicle while turning onto Mono off of Hess Ave. Warning given\\\\. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

23:50 Party 140419104
Occurred at Marble Quarry Rv Park on Yankee Hill Rd. , Columbia. Loud party in the park in the RV section - laser lights and light up palm tree. per the rp, the manager has not been there for the past 2 nights
Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Log Note.

01:53 TRAFFIC STOP 140420003
Officer initiated activity at Half Mile Rd/Tuolumne Rd N, Tuolumne.////SUMMARY: stopped vehicle for expired tags and excessive speed, warning given\\\\. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

01:59 TRAFFIC STOP 140420004
Officer initiated activity at Jacksonville Rd/Bell Mooney Rd, Jamestown.Summary: Driver stopped and warned for crossing double yellow. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

02:11 TRAFFIC STOP 140420005
Officer initiated activity at Chicken Ranch Rd/Nelson Rd, Jamestown.Summary: Driver stopped and warned for 24600VC. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

02:35 ALARM ALL TYPES 140420006
Occurred at New Melones Lake-Bureau Of Reclamation on Studhorse Flat Rd. , Sonora. Audible alarm tripped at the archives office motion. keyholder pending. . Disposition: Log Note.

02:53 TRAFFIC STOP 140420007
Officer initiated activity at S Washington St/Hwy 108, Sonora City.Obstructed plate. /// Summary: driver stopped and warned for obstructed plate. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

03:49 TRAFFIC STOP 140420008
Officer initiated activity at Chicken Ranch Rd/Table Mtn Rd, Jamestown.Subject arrested, see report. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

04:11 ALARM ALL TYPES 140420009
Occurred at Sierra Bible Church on Tuolumne Rd. , Sonora. Audible tripped at the music room and sound booth motion detector. keyholder pending. // 0413hrs, cancel - proper codes received. . Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be billed).

07:55 AMBULANCE CALL 140420012
Occurred at Oak Terrace Memory Care on Rafferty Ct. , Soulsbyv. Service Class: BUSN 88 yr old female acting viol , outside. . .