Department Badge Tuolumne County Sheriff
Media Bulletin for Wednesday, December 17, 2014

08:59 MISC INFORMATION 1412170015
Occurred on Fifth Av, Jamestow. . Disposition: Log Note.

09:02 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1412170016
Occurred on S Stewart St, Sonora C. Eviction.
Eviction effected at residence without incident. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

09:15 Calls Transferred to CDF (Public Service Request) 1412170017
Occurred on Sunny Hill Ct, Sonora. Req lift assist only. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

09:26 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1412170018
Occurred on Greenwood Wy, Jamestow. TRO w/move out.
TRO served and move out order effected without incident. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

09:32 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 1412170019
Occurred at Hearing Impaired Customer on Phoenix Lake Rd. , Sonora. Via cal relay - -- states she has been threatened by her daughter and boyfriend . all parties are emotional, and rp wants to them all out. no weapons. 2yoa child also at the residence.
Summary: Rp and resp arguing over a missing portable heater. Rp was advised of how to begin the eviction process if she wished. NFA. . Disposition: Log Note.

Officer initiated activity at Hunts Rd/Twain Harte Dr, Sonora.Summary: Vehicle was parked off the road near the driveway to private property. Patrol Check. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

09:39 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1412170021
Occurred on Friendship Hill Rd, Chinese. 1021 ok. estranged husband has made threats to destroy their vehicle (sil 07 ford mustang). he is very angry with rp regarding the recent separation.
Summary: Spoke with the Rp who confirmed that both subjects own the vehicle (married/ communal property). Rp was advised of her options and resources available to her. No violation, civil issue. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

10:15 PROB ALL OTHER 1412170024
Occurred on Hwy 108, Mi-Wuk V. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.

10:29 PROB ALL OTHER 1412170027
Occurred on Tionesta Rd, Tuolumne. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.

EAP scenario: labor day 09-01-14 lake alpine has developed leak on the L abuttment dwnstream of dam#3; we are leaking 100 cfs into silver creek and at 1005hrs I have activated potential hazardous condition - condition developing. // end of notification. . Disposition: Handled by Dispatch.

10:44 ADVICE 1412170029
Occurred on Park Av, Jamestow. The rp is in the lobby requesting advice about a
Summary: Deputy contacted Rp's who was concerned for their daughter, due to a past relationship where she had been the victim of domestic violence in the past. Deputy responded to the subjects address and confirmed she was ok and also confirmed that there had been no recent incidents regarding domestic violence between her and her ex. She was also advised of the restraining order process. Welfare check conducted. . Disposition: WELFARE CHECK.

10:46 ALARM ALL TYPES 1412170030
Occurred on Rolling Hills Bl, Jamestow. audible alarm tripped at the front door. keyholder pending.

Summary: I found the homeowner in his garage. The homeowner stated he may have set the alarm off. He went inside and checked the alarm and confirmed he set it off. . Disposition: False Alarm will be billed.

10:50 PATROL CHECK 1412170031
Occurred on Avenida Bonita N, Sonora. Rp has seen 2 subjs walking in the neighborhood a few times this morning. rp last saw them exiting a drvway just parallel to rp's . wma, very tall, thin, unk clothing, carrying a plastic milk jug; wfa @47yoa, small stature, light-colored short hair, tan/brown plaid heavy jacket. // last seen near Via Serena.

Summary: Female subject was arrested for 3 warrants, drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

10:50 ALARM ALL TYPES 1412170032
Occurred on Yellow Pine Rd, Mi-Wuk V. Audible, tripped at the front door motion detector. prior Kitchen door
//1053hrs Cancel false alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be billed).

10:55 PROB ALL OTHER 1412170033
Occurred on Fish Hatchery Rd, Tuolumne. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.

Occurred on Rebekah Rd, Long Bar. Rp received phone call from credit company asking if she was in process of applying for credit. Rp has determined that someone is attempting to apply for numerous credit cards using rp's SS#, DOB, and former address.
Summary: Rp stated she was contacted by Capitol One Bank via the telephone who advised her someone had used her information in attempt to open a credit card. Rp checked with the credit bureau's and informed them of the identity theft. In Nov. the rp was made aware of several other attempts to open credit cards in the rp's name. No services were recieved with the rp's information but attempts were made. Rp recontacted the credit bureau's and had them put another hold on her information. Rp needed an incident number for records. NFA. . Disposition: Log Note.

11:38 MISC INFORMATION 1412170036
Occurred on Twist Rd, Jamestow. Rp found her mailbox open this morning. // rp req doc and 1021.

Summary: at approx. 1242 hours I called and left a voicemail on the number provided. Closed pending recontact. . Disposition: Log Note.

11:39 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1412170037
Occurred on Avenida Lugo N, La Grang. Summary: No one home. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

11:40 PROB ALL OTHER 1412170038
Occurred on Seco St, Jamestow. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.

Occurred on Phoenix Lake Rd, Sonora. Rp's mother inside the residence in violation of EPO.
Summary: Resp violated a valid restraining order. Arrest made, see report for details. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

13:18 PROPERTY FOUND 1412170043
Occurred at Jamestown CSU on Main St. , Jamestow. Rp states there is a paper bag full of prescription medications on the front desk to be destroyed. . Disposition: Report Taken.

Occurred on Creekside Dr, Sonora. req 98 at res to retrieve stolen prop.

Summary: Assisted SPD on a case in the County. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

13:26 WELFARE CHECK 1412170045
Occurred on Georges Dr, Strawber. Rp is requesting a welfare check on her friend ; has been staying in Modesto due to work and she wanted the rp to check the residence as he was not answering the phone; rp sent to check the residence approx 1hr ago and there was no answer; Vaughn told the rp that the homeowner's red pickup is in the garage; rp states the homeowner has medical issues ; rp has been unable to reach since Saturday. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

14:02 TRAFFIC STOP 1412170048
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/PEACEFUL Oak Rd, Sonora.Summary: Vehicle stopped for following too closely and no front license plate. Verbal warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

14:25 MISC INFORMATION 1412170049
Occurred on Madrone St, Tuolumne. Msin - . . Disposition: Log Note.

14:40 SUSPICIOUS CIRC 1412170050
Occurred on Rough And Ready Tl, Sonora. whi @2002 subaru sw w/no plates backed up to a property. rp can see some items in the back of the veh. -- 1448hrs, subaru just left at high rate of speed. male passenger dressed in all blk, long bln hair, bald on top.
Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2
Summary: Aaron Jess, dob 09-6-1983, arrested and booked for possession of a controlled substance for sales and for commiting a felony while released on his own recognizance. John Tacheira, dob 08-17-1986, arrested and booked for possession of drug paraphernalia and for driving on a suspended driver's license: See report #14-3869. . Disposition: Report Taken.

14:42 FRAUD 1412170051
Occurred on Hunts Rd, Sonora. 10-21 rp; rp has what he believes to be scam paperwork he would like a deputy to look at ; paperwork is in dispatch. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:00 THEFT - ALL 1412170052
Occurred on Campo Seco Rd, Sonora. Rp's mail opened and some mail left strewn around the street. occurred w/in the last 2hrs.
Summary: Made contact with the RP via telephone. The RP stated at approx. 1300 hours he noticed that mail was missing form his mail box. He drove down the street and found his mail approx. 100 yards from his house. He noticed that a Christmas card envelop was opened with the card out of it. The RP suspects the suspects was trying to find money. The RP does not believe there was money inside of the card and will be contacting the person who sent the card. The RP does not think anything else was missing but is waiting for a package that is supposed to arrive tomorrow but may have come today. I advised the RP that if his package does not arrive, to call back and make a theft report. The RP wanted documentation at this time. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:01 TRAFFIC STOP 1412170053
Officer initiated activity at Yosemite Springs Rd/Old Hwy 120, Groveland.//Summary//
Vehicle located unsecured with the key in the ignition. RO advised and stated it broke down and he was planning on moving it this evening.//. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

15:49 ALARM ALL TYPES 1412170055
Occurred on Racetrack Rd, Sonora. audible hold up alarm, zone e120 - unk location; no answer at premise, keyholder pending

Summary: New alarm system. Husband and Wife were both home and believed they had turned off the alarm. False Alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm will be billed.

16:22 SUSPICIOUS CIRC 1412170057
Occurred on Wanita Wy, Twain Ha. rp arrived home and noted smoke coming from the chimney. when rp left this morning @0830hrs, there was only ash left. rp thinks there may be someone inside.

Summary: Checked exterior of the house and the interior. House was locked up. No signs of forced entry or anything disturbed in the residence. Rp believes someone put a log on in his fire. Rp left home at about 0830 hours this morning and when he arrived home about 1615 hours, he saw smoke coming from the chimney. Rp does not believe anyone in the family put the log on prior to leaving. Rp wanted incident documented only. Rp is unsure if anyone entered the residence or if any property is missing. Family will do an inventory of their items. . Disposition: Log Note.

16:26 911 HANG UP 1412170058
Occurred on Lyons Bald Mtn Rd, Sonora. 911 hang up, busy on call back // per AT&T they cannot dial in to this line and they don't know why. . Disposition: Log Note.

16:34 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 1412170059
Occurred on Kimberly Ln, Sonora. 3 shepherd dogs running around loose near the rp's property scaring rp's sheep. rp plans to shoot them if they come onto rp's property. // rp connected w/ AC
Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Animal Control (Dispatched by TCSO).

16:52 WELFARE CHECK 1412170060
Occurred on Upper Quail Mine Rd, Columbia. rp states her roommate has kept her captive for over 4 years ; welfare check requested
Summary: Spoke with RP who said she is being verbally badgered by the resp. RP said she is “stuck in the situation at the house.” I asked the RP if she was being held against her will and if she could leave if she wanted to. RP explained she has the ability to leave freely but currently does not have a car and due to her financial situation is unable to live somewhere else. RP also said she does not have any friends she could stay with. RP said she has not been threatened with violence and has not been physically assaulted. RP kept saying she was stuck in the situation and did not want to leave because her pets and property would be left at the residence. I asked the RP what she wanted me to do and RP said she wanted me to get her an EPO and come to the residence and make the resp move out. I explained to the RP I did not have the authority to do that and gave her information on contacting the Women’s Center and other resources. RP became upset and said she contacted them and they told her to call TCSO and have us come to the residence and make Resp move out. I explained to RP I did not have the ability to do what she was asking based on what she was telling me. I asked the RP where the resp was at the moment and RP said the Resp was at the grocery store. I explained to the RP if she had the ability to pack a bag and leave the residence right now if she wanted to and RP repeated she was not going to do that because she was not willing to leave her pets and property at the residence. Also gave the RP information about obtaining a restraining order and RP told me I needed to get one for her. I explained to RP the process and told her she needed to request one herself from the court. RP became more upset and told me I am not doing my job and I it is my job to make the Resp move out. RP asked me “how I can live with myself?” and told me she “hopes I feel guilty when something happens.” I repeated to RP if she felt like she was in an unsafe environment she had the ability to leave now and at this point no crime had been committed. I told the RP if she chose to stay and something happens when he returns to contact TCSO. I also advised her that arguing and saying mean things is not a crime. RP told me to not be surprised when she, “ends up killing him to protect herself and her property.” I asked RP again if he threatened her with violence and RP said he did not make any specific threats but said, “I do not understand her situation.” I explained to RP I gave her the best information and advice I could to help her with her situation based on the facts she explained to me. RP became upset and said I guess you’re not going to do anything and hung up. . Disposition: Log Note.

17:49 LEWD ACTS WITH A CHILD 1412170061
Occurred on Morris Rd, Sonora. Rp will be home for contact - .
Summary: (See case #14-3871). . Disposition: Report Taken.

Occurred on Avenida Central, La Grang. Rp is requesting a phone call from a deputy; rp reports neighbors dogs came onto her property and attacked her dog and ruined her chicken coop; rp is concerned that the dogs may be back and she is requesting advice
Summary: ATC two times. There was no voicemail set up. Closed pending recontact. . Disposition: Log Note.

20:01 SUSPICIOUS CIRC 1412170064
Occurred at Kohls on Mono Wy. , Sonora. rp states there is a male in the store that stole some items a couple days ago and the resp looks like he is attempting to steal again; resp appears under the influence of drugs; resp is desc as wma, @25yoa, 601, average build lsw a beanie w/a bill on it, a large black jacket, and blue jeans; resp just took a knife out and cut the security cord off of Beats headphones
// Summary: Unidentiifed suspect stole items from Kohls valued at $200. Suspect fled on foot when confronted. Report taken, see narrative for details. . Disposition: Report Taken.

20:43 911 HANG UP 1412170065
Occurred at Black Oak Casino on Tuolumne Rd N. , Tuolumne. 911 hang up ; dispatch contacted Black Oak Security who will check the area and recall // 2052hrs security recalled and all is code 4. . Disposition: Log Note.

20:54 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 1412170066
Occurred at Sonora Estates on S Airport Rd. , Columbia. Rpts loud music coming from the neighbor's res. Rp states ongoing problem.
Summary: Patrol check of area. Nothing heard. RP did not want contact. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

20:57 TRAFFIC STOP 1412170067
Officer initiated activity at Tuolumne Rd/Cherry Valley Bl, Tuolumne.Summary: I conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle crossing the double yellow line. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

Officer initiated activity at Tuolumne County Jail, Yaney Av, Sonora City.For inmate to SRMC. . Disposition: Log Note.

21:11 TRAFFIC STOP 1412170069
Officer initiated activity at Mill Villa Rd/Hwy 108, Jamestown.No taillights
Summary: Person cited. See case 14-3874. . Disposition: Citation Criminal.

21:17 Calls Transferred to CDF (Public Service Request) 1412170070
Occurred on Table Mtn Rd, Jamestow. Rp heard a large explosion and she now sees smoke rising // caller transferred to Calfire. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

21:44 BOL 1412170072
Occurred on .unknown, Sonora. BOL for run away juv , described as a wfj,508, 185, red, blu. JUV TEXTED SISTER LAST NIGHT AT 1700 THAT SHE WAS RUNNING AWAY, ASS0C VEH IS A WHI 98 H0ND ACC0RD 4D license 4UZS645, P0SS DESTINATI0N of S0N0RA CA , unknown location. . Disposition: Log Note.

21:47 TRAFFIC STOP 1412170075
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/FIFTH Av, Jamestown.Obstructed plate
Summary: I conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle with a headlight out and an obstructed licence plate. Warning Given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

22:04 TRAFFIC STOP 1412170076
Officer initiated activity at Whistlestop, Hwy 108, Jamestown.Summary: Traffic stop initiated for expired registration. A citation was issued for 4000(a) CVC. . Disposition: Citation Equipment.

22:18 TRAFFIC STOP 1412170077
Officer initiated activity at Don Pedro Vista Point, Hwy 120/JACKSONVILLE Rd, Jamestown. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

22:20 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 1412170078
Occurred on Grace Wy, Sonora. Rp states her stepdad came after her w/a steak knife; is currently ifo the rp, rp does not think he still has the knife; resp and the rp's mother are both hbd; resp is now in a 415V w/her mother in the kitchen; resp is lsw white tank and boxers; rp's mother tried calling law enforcement 4 times and the resp kept preventing it; resp is now wearing a gray shirt and black pants

Summary: I made contact with the resp in the front of the house. The Resp was belligerent and getting aggressive. I placed him in handcuffs until my backup arrived. After further investigating the incident, it was determined no crime was committed. The juvenile left to stay with her brother and the resp was taken out of handcuffs.

Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Log Note.

Officer initiated activity at Chips Chevron, Hwy 108, Jamestown.Summary: Flagdown by Chips employees. Suspicious male standing in Chips for approx. one hour. Contacted male who was homeless and trying to get out of cold. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

23:12 911 HANG UP 1412170080
Occurred at Forest View Senior Apts on Hess Av. , Sonora. 911 hang up, upon call back someone answered and hung up, 2nd call back someone answered and pressed buttons then disconnected // 2314hrs dispatch contacted the resident who advised he was trying to locate the batteries for his phone and accidentally dialed. . Disposition: Log Note.

23:18 TRAFFIC STOP 1412170081
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/HESS Av, Sonora.W/red camper shell no license plate
Summary: Vehicle stopped for equipment violation. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

23:23 PATROL CHECK 1412170082
Occurred at Oak Hills Apartments on Preston Ln. , Jamestow. Rp states there are 3 juveniles standing near the manager's office, rp requests a patrol check // 2333hrs the resps are on the back patio of the managers office
Summary: Patrolled the area and was unable to locate any juveniles. Patrol check. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

00:36 TRAFFIC STOP 1412180001
Officer initiated activity at Junction Shopping Center, Mono Wy/Tuolumne Rd, Sonora.Mono near JCT tan. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

00:40 THREATS - ALL 1412180003
Occurred at Whistlestop on Hwy 108. , Jamestow.
Rp rpts a male across the street is threatening the rp. Rp states the male subject is across the street inside the fence of a residence, rp can not see who it is because it is dark.
Summary: Rp stated that he was leaf blowing in the front of the store when he heard a males voice yell "Turn it off!" The males voice was coming from across the highway. The RP pointed towards the direction. The resp. continue to yell at the RP and also called him by his first name. The RP was concerned because the resp. knew his name. lived at the house the RP was pointed at. We attempted to contact him at his residence but was unsuccessful. NFA. . Disposition: Log Note.

Officer initiated activity at R & S Metals, Mono Wy, Sonora.1 male and 1 female in a vehicle
I spoke to a male sitting on the crosswalk near R&S Metals. Nothing further. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

01:10 ASSIST CHP 1412180005
Officer initiated activity at Jamestown Rd/Wigwam Rd, Jamestown.Out w/ CHP on 1195
Summary: Assited CHP with a traffic stop. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

02:49 TRAFFIC STOP 1412180007
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/S Washington St, Sonora.200 yrds from the intersection

Summary: I pulled a vehicle over for crossing over the double yellow line. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

Officer initiated activity at Sonora Skate Park, Greenley Rd/Tuolumne County Library, Sonora City.Summary: Noticed a vehicle parked in the parking lot of the skate park. The vehicle was unoccupied and there was no one around. Patrol check. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

04:59 Calls Transferred to CDF (Public Service Request) 1412180011
Occurred on Italian Bar Rd, Columbia. Has questions about burning. Transferred rp to Cal-Fire. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

07:30 VANDALISM 1412180013
Occurred on Valley Oak Dr, Sonora. Rp's neighbor ran their vehicle into rp's yard sometime last night, took rp's 4"maple tree, and damaged the fence. rp believes this is in retribution to rp causing neighbor to be evicted. . .

07:52 ADVICE 1412180014
Occurred on Eden Ln, Tuolumne. Rp and husband separated. when rp's 16yoa daughter stays at the father's house, father does not oversee her behavior and child is allowed to stay at her 19yoa boyfriend's house.
husband: daughter: , boyfriend:. . Disposition: Advised.

08:12 FOLLOW UP 1412180017
Occurred on Shaws Flat Rd, Columbia. 14-3792. . .