Department Badge Tuolumne County Sheriff
Media Bulletin for Wednesday, September 17, 2014

08:24 BURGLARY 140916015
Occurred on Mountain Dr, Twain Ha. Rp % Twain Harte Community Services District. Rpts 459 to Office. Resp's cut the barbed wire fence and accessed the office. ** 10-21 rp prior to responding and he'll meet the deputy there **
/// report taken for burglary. . Disposition: Report Taken.

08:45 JUVENILE PROBLEM 140916016
Occurred at Jamestown Elementary School on Fifth Av. , Jamestow. 8yoa child is out of control on the school campus.
//0847hrs The rp recalled and we can 10-22 response. . Disposition: Log Note.

08:51 TRAFFIC STOP 140916017
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/STOCKTON St, Sonora. . Disposition: Citizen Assisted or Community Orientated Policing.

Occurred at Sparrow Ln/Covey Cir, Sonora. Rpts a susc van was seen in the city driving recklessly, but has now parked on Sparrow Ln. Desc:Unkn color, Ford, Econo Van with damage on the right side. Oregon Lic 730CCP. Poss female driver. ///I went to Sparrow St. and located the vehicle. There were no occupants. I went to the main office and was given the address as being the possible owners. I went to that address and spoke to a male . He said the vehicle belongs to his grandfather in Mexico but it was given to his uncle that lives in Washington. I asked him who was driving the vehicle this morning. He said possibly his mother, but he doesn't know for certain. . Disposition: Log Note.

09:07 Harassments 140916019
Occurred at Tuolumne County Court House on N Washington St. , Sonora C. Rp is in the lobby, to report harassment from a female , unk first name.
////SUMMARY: RP reporting ongoing harassment in courtroom. RP states it is Department 1. RP said the victims family is antagonizing and harassing her family. Victims family has been finger pointing, laughing at defendants family, creating a disturbance and blocking stairwells during recess. I advised RP to speak with bailiff prior to trial and address issues with them.\\\\. . Disposition: Log Note.

09:43 ADVICE 140916020
Occurred on Lawler Dr, Soulsbyv. 10-21 The rp requesting advice and reporting threats.
////SUMMARY: the rp requested info on how to remove a subject from her residence. the resp. has been living at the address for approx. 17 months. the rp was advised to go through the eviction process. rp advised not to change the locks or keep him out of his residence. rp stated resp had been saying things like, "I have pictures of you with men.." rp stated it was not true, but was irritating. rp advised there was no crime in what was being said. NFA requested. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

10:23 PROB ALL OTHER 140916021
Occurred on Big Hill Rd, Columbia. Probation compliance check. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

Occurred on Main St, Tuolumne. Rpts her daughter as a runaway. last seen on Friday. ///hobby shop in sonora across from perko's possibly /// SUMMARY: rp advised she has phone contact with the daughter, and daughter was on her way home. advised the rp there was no report to take because she knew where her child was, she allowed her to be there, and she had contact with her, and was texting her daughter while I spoke to her. rp advised she would call back when the daughter returned home, or if she was not home in a couple hours. NFA requested at this time. I called the juvi's phone and left a message. . Disposition: Log Note.

10:27 FRAUD 140916023
Occurred on Jimmersall Ln, Grovelan. Contact the rp reporting fraud.
//Summary:Attempted 10-21 contact at 1200 hrs. RP's phone would not accept phone calls from the Sheriff's Office. I will attempt contact at her residence later in the day. . Disposition: Report Taken.

10:42 PROB ALL OTHER 140916025
Occurred on Chicken Ranch Rd, Jamestow. Probation compliance check. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

10:44 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140916026
Occurred at Roll In Mobile Home Park on S Airport Rd. , Columbia. Rpts her landlord is starting the eviction process to evict her. Rp has been told that they will be turning off her propane, water & electricity prior to the eviction process being complete.
//attempted contact, unable to leave message. Call closed dending recontact. . Disposition: Log Note.

11:20 THREATS - ALL 140916028
Occurred on Golden Oaks Dr, Jamestow. Rp rpts threats from a male from Calaveras County regarding their business. . Disposition: Log Note.

11:37 ALARM ALL TYPES 140916029
Occurred on Fuller Rd, Twain Ha. Audible, tripped at the front door, key holder pending.
//1140 Hrs., 10-22 per rp. per subscriber. . Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be billed).

12:16 PROPERTY FOUND 140916031
Occurred at Twain Harte CSU on Meadow Dr/Meadow Ln. , Twain Ha. Found lunch bag full of bb's, pellets and 22 ammo. //// entered into found prop. . Disposition: Report Taken.

12:50 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 140916032
Occurred on Sommette Dr, Sonora. Horse is stuck between some rocks. . Disposition: Citizen Assisted or Community Orientated Policing.

13:08 ALARM ALL TYPES 140916033
Occurred on Gold Springs Dr, Columbia. Audible, tripped at the livingroom motion, key holder pending.
//1316 hrs., 10-22 per rp. proper cancel codes received. . Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be billed).

13:16 WELFARE CHECK 140916034
Occurred on Feather River Dr, Sonora. Req's a welfare check on a friend who was recently assaulted by her husband . Rp and her friends mother have been attempting 10-21 contact without success.
via telephone, she stated she has no home phone or cell reception at the address which is why the rp was not able to contact her. She recently had surgery and is recovering, told me she will be living outside of county but still available at the number. She stated she has rent paid through end of month and may be contacted at that address as well because she is back and forth moving her stuff.]\\\\. . Disposition: Log Note.

13:23 911 MISDIAL 140916035
Occurred on Calle Quartz Dr, Columbia. 911 misdial. elderly female trying to call back . //assisted female with calling number. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred on Susan Wy, Sonora. Rpts TRO violation, ** RP IN THE LOBBY **. . Disposition: Log Note.

14:08 ADVICE 140916037
Occurred on Willow St, Jamestow. Rp req 10-21 advice regarding a tenant . . Disposition: Civil Problem.

14:10 JUVENILE PROBLEM 140916038
Occurred at Soulsbyville Elementary School on Soulsbyville Rd. , Soulsbyv. 11 yoa male juv out of control on campus, out by the nest .
///I met with Rp and juvenile . He told me he got a referral in school today for fighting. Resp said he's been getting bullied by another student. He said he's made over 30 incident reports and requests of school staff to help him but has gotten no help thus far. Today he was in a shoving match with that student and received the referral. Rp was called to meet with Admin and pick up her son. When addressed, resp was very disrespectful to both Admin and his mother, refusing to listen and using inappropriate language. I counseled resp on his behavior and released him to his mother. . Disposition: Log Note.

14:23 PROB ALL OTHER 140916040
Occurred on Sixth Av, Jamestow. Probation compliance check. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.

14:30 BURGLARY 140916041
Occurred on Hudson Rd, Columbia. Rpts poss 459 to res. . Disposition: Log Note.

14:44 PROB ALL OTHER 140916042
Officer initiated activity at Willow St, Jamestown.Probation compliance check. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.

14:54 PROB ALL OTHER 140916044
Occurred on Wild Oak Dr, Jamestow. Probation compliance check. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.

15:03 ADVICE 140916045
Occurred on Pradera Real Rd, Sonora. Rp purchased a car for her caregiver to use while taking care of the rp. The caregiver decided to purchase the vehicle from the rp and made a few payments but has since stopped. Rp would like advice on what legal action she can take. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

15:17 PROB ALL OTHER 140916047
Occurred on Barretta St, Sonora C. Probation compliance check. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

15:19 FRAUD 140916048
Occurred on Ninth Av, Jamestow. Rp previously lived on a house on 9th Av that was condemned. Apparently he left behind some blank checks from a closed account. Unkn suspect(s) found the checks, made one out and attempted to cash it at the Money Mart who has suspect info. . Disposition: Report Taken.

15:20 THEFT - ALL 140916049
Occurred at Sonora Estates on S Airport Rd. , Columbia. Contact rp at Rpts theft of medication
//Summary:RP told me the reason she called had already been handled; the medication was stolen. RP did request documentation that someone had entered her residence sometime between Saturday at approx 1730 hours and Sunday between 1900 hours. RP said that she does not know if anything is stolen but her ex-caregiver, who is now restrained by TRO, has property in his room that has been rummaged through. RP reported some of the items touched had to have been done by someone with knowledge of them. RP wanted documentation as she did not want to be accused after she moves out and the restrained moves back in. RP also said an agent for the restrained had been at the residence on Saturday to pick up the restrained's truck. Will call back if needed. nfa. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:22 ATTEMPT 140916050
Occurred on Ferretti Rd, Grovelan. Rpts attempt 459 to his residence.
//Summary: Checked the residence for a male who is the responsible. He had left the scene prior to my arrival. The residence was locked and there were no signs of forced entry. PML security advised that the resp told them he had been in an argument with his wife and she gave him permission to be in the home. I attempted contact with resp at his residence but no one was at home. PML security was advised to recontact if resp returned and the RP was advised. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred on Ferretti Rd, Grovelan. Summary: During a check of a residnece (see incident 140916050) I noticed approximatley 30 large marijuana plants growing in plain view . I made contact with subjects . Both subjects had valid medical marijuana cards and Dr. recomendations. They appeared to be in compliance with Prop 215 although their information was sent to TNT or review. . Disposition: Log Note.

16:59 PHYSICAL DISPUTE 140916056
Occurred on Mi Wu St, Tuolumne. 415 phys occurred between 2 females . Subjects are separated. 11-98 with the victim at the Tribal Hall/Round House. ///responsibles were a female and her cousin . Victim was at the tribal services office trying to gain financial assistance and apparently a security officer saw she had a bruised left eye and called TCSD. Resp was GOA/UTL. Victim said she lives w/resp . I asked victim three separate times if she wanted to file a battery report. Three times she refused. NFA. Victim was in the process of relocating with her daughters to remove herself from the situation. . Disposition: Log Note.

17:00 911 HANG UP 140916057
Occurred on Crystal Lake Dr, Sonora. 911 call with nothing heard on the line. Line disconnected // 1705 hrs attempted to recall the res . . Disposition: Log Note.

17:06 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 140916058
Occurred on Kewin Mill Rd, Sonora. Aggressive dog was attacking the rp's 2 dogs that were on a zip line. Rp freed his dog from the zip line and they took off. Rp has no idea where his dogs or the resp dog went. //Rp requests contact tomorrow. Incident faxed to A/C for F/U ////Rp called back and advised he now has a female dog in his house and he will keep the dog at his residence and wants AC to call him first thing in the morning. Rp is extremely upset over the dog issue and knows the owner of the dogs. . Disposition: Animal Control (Dispatched by TCSO).

17:11 FOLLOW UP 140916059
Occurred on Zarzamora St, La Grang. Re:I#140831088.Requests contact for follow up on possible suspect. ///2012 hrs M9 ATC via 10-21, phone would not accept incoming call.
//Summary : RP's phone does not accept calls from the Sheriff's Department. Will speak with her when she re-contacts or provides a new phone number. . Disposition: Log Note.

17:59 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140916060
Occurred on Reid Cir, Grovelan. 10-21 rp. Rpts his ex girlfriend is refusing to return his property.
//Summary: Civil issue. RP was advised to seek restitution for the property in small claims court. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

Occurred on Mill Villa Rd, Jamestow. ** Rp in the Lobby ** Rpts her 8 yoa daughter was made to feel uncomfortable while at her grandparents residence.
//per rp, daughter had a lump under her skin at the right breast area and her 6yoa brother told their grandmother while they were visiting her during father's day of visitation. However, father was not present at the time. Grandmother then told daughter to show it to her. Daughter refused several times because she was self-conscious. However, grandmother threatened to tell father to get her in trouble. Daughter ultimately showed her affected area of the lump. Daughter then later advised rp and became distraught including having "nightmares". Per rp, daughter was remained extremely upset and wanted to talk to police. Rp agreed and brought her to TCSD. Rp did not feel there were any intentions of molestation or abuse, but was mainly frustrated with the grandmother and father for dismissing daughter's rights and wishes to not have to exposed herself under the circumstances. I advised rp that according to what they told me, there was no apparent crime and it did not appear unusual for a grandmother to want to examine an 8yoa medical condition within reason. I advised her that I would document information and advised her to seek an updated custody order restricting daughter from going to grandparent's res in future, if she feels necessary. Rp is currently seeking medical attention for lump. Doc only. . Disposition: Log Note.

19:22 FOOT PATROL 140916066
Officer initiated activity at Rocca Park, Main St/Smoke St, Jamestown.//Summary:conducted a foot patrol of Rocca Park. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

19:30 ASSIST CHP 140916067
Officer initiated activity at Kohls, Mono Wy, Sonora.///Summary: Assisted CHP with traffic stop, no further action required. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

19:49 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 140916068
Occurred at 7-11 on Joaquin Gully. , Twain Ha. Rpts someone tried to hit her with his vehicle because she flipped him off over his headlights blinding her.
Rp will be waiting behind the 7-11 in her vehicle. Rp has vehicle desc and a poss plate.
rp veh desc/99,red,grand pix. ///Summary: Contacted rp who stated an unknown male driving a yellow pick up truck was tailgating her with his high beams on Hwy 108 near Soulsbyville The rp flipped off the resp and stated he attempted to hit her vehicle while passing her. The rp proceeded to follow the resp towards Twain Harte. The resp eventually pulled over and the rp confronted him over the incident. The rp stated the resp denied using his high beams and left the scene without further incident. The rp admitted to running a red light in order to catch up to the resp. The rp believes the resp's license plate was similar to and requested documentation. Per her request, I provided her with Inc #140916068. Prior to leaving the scene, I counseled the rp on the dangers of violating traffic laws and confronting unknown subjects. . Disposition: Log Note.

20:06 JUVENILE PROBLEM 140916069
Occurred on Columbia Springs Ln, Columbia. Rpts her grandaughter wants to leave the rps residence. Rp is the foster parent for her grandaughter and the juv wants to leave the residence and go back into foster care. Juv wants to run away and has stated she will hurt herself if the rp does not let her leave. Juv is in her bedroom and does not have any means to hurt herself.
//counseled Juv, neg 5150. advice given to rp. no crime. nfat. . Disposition: Log Note.

20:26 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 140916072
Occurred at Belleview School on Kewin Mill Rd. , Sonora. Rpts seeing a mountain lion at the school. Rp saw the lion take off running towards a residence.
///Rp was transferred to F & G. . Disposition: Animal Control (Dispatched by TCSO).

20:32 PEDESTRIAN STOP 140916073
Officer initiated activity at Tuolumne Park, Bay Av/Pine St, Tuolumne.Out with 2 males. ////SUMMARY: Patrol Check. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

20:43 TRAFFIC STOP 140916074
Officer initiated activity at Peaceful Oak Rd/Mono Wy, Sonora.DMV showed vehicle transfer incomplete and registration expired. Resp presented new reg card upon request. She was advised to ask DMV to expedite the correction in their database. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

20:46 ADVICE 140916075
Occurred at /Unk. Rp is in the lobby and would like advice regarding a civil issue over a motorcycle.
//Summary:Contacted subject who is still trying to get LE to handle a civil issue. He was again told it was a civil issue and to handle it as such, nfa. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

20:48 TRAFFIC STOP 140916076
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/CHICKEN Ranch Rd, Jamestown.Summary:I conducted a traffic stop on the above vehicle for a lighting violation. Driver was given a verbal warning and released at the scene. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

21:21 ADVICE 140916077
Occurred at /Unk. Rp would like a 10-21 from a deputy for advice regarding a anon male calling the rp telling the rp a anon female juv was being molested in Lousiana.
//Left message advising to call the agency in Louisiana and to call us back if needed; 2244 hours. Closed pending recontact. . Disposition: Log Note.

Officer initiated activity at Plainview Rd/Hwy 108, Twain Harte.///Summary: Contacted two subjects during patrol check of the area, no further action required. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

21:26 THREATS - ALL 140916079
Occurred on Old Sonora Columbia Rd, Sonora. Rpts receiving threatening messages from a female and then she received a picture with blood on what she thought was her home window. Rp is home now and there is not any blood at her residence but she is afraid the resp might try to hurt her.
//Left message requesting call back at 2249 hours. // Spoke to RP later who reported threats via face book which did not meet 422 PC. RP also reported she received a picture of blood on a window that she thought was her home but it was not. RP does not know who sent it but the subject answered the phone for a friend of the RP's and said it was an accident. Documentation only at this time. RP advised to call us immediately if subjects show up. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred at Tuolumne Me-Wuk Indian Health Center on Cherry Valley Bl. , Tuolumne. Req 10-21 regarding poss TRO violation that occurred a couple of weeks ago. ////SUMMARY: Rp told me he had contacted Sonora PD regarding the TRO violation and was told there were no orders on file. TCSO dispatch told me they were unable to locate any orders as well. RP requested advice regarding TRO's and violations. NFA. . Disposition: Log Note.

21:39 TRAFFIC STOP 140916081
Officer initiated activity at Chicken Ranch Rd/Hwy 108, Jamestown.Summary:I conducted a traffic stop on the above vehicle for a lighting violation. Driver was given a verbal warning and released at the scene. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

21:42 THREATS - ALL 140916082
Occurred at Am/Pm on Mono Wy. , Sonora. 10-21 Rp. Rp would like to speak to a deputy because he is afraid to go home. Rp believes someone is poss going to attack him while he sleeps. Rp did not want a deputy to make contact with him and seemed very vauge over what was wrong or who would hurt him. ///Summary: Contacted rp on his cell phone per his request. Rp was calling from AM PM because he was afraid to go home. I asked the rp why he was afraid to go home and he stated his roommates told him two males planned to attack him. The rp became uncooperative and refused to answer the rest of my questions regarding the threats. The rp did not want personal contact. . Disposition: Log Note.

22:18 JUVENILE PROBLEM 140916086
Occurred at Mary Laveroni Park on Hwy 120/BACK St. , Grovelan. Numerous juveniles in the park. . Disposition: Log Note.

22:24 TRAFFIC STOP 140916087
Officer initiated activity at Tuolumne Rd/Standard Rd, Sonora.////SUMMARY: Non-illuminated headlight. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

22:31 DRUNK IN PUBLIC 140916088
Occurred at Mother Lode Gun Club on Jamestown Rd. , Sonora. 647F male on Jamestown just east of the Gun Club. In the roadway and causing a traffic hazard.
//area checked, utl anyone walking in the area. goa. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

22:47 TRAFFIC STOP 140916090
Officer initiated activity at Junction Shopping Center, Mono Wy/Tuolumne Rd, Sonora.///Summary: Traffic stop conducted for equipment violation, warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

23:06 TRAFFIC STOP 140916091
Officer initiated activity at Mono Wy/Tuolumne Rd, Sonora.////SUMMARY: Obstructed license plate. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

23:10 TRAFFIC STOP 140916092
Officer initiated activity at Sierra Village Apartments, Greenley Rd, Sonora City.Summary:I conducted a traffic stop on the above vehicle for a lighting violation. Driver was given a verbal warning and released at the scene. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

23:44 ALARM ALL TYPES 140916094
Occurred at Live Oak Music on Mono Wy. , Sonora. AUDIBLE. LOBBY DOOR. KEY HOLDER PENDING. ///2345HRS CANCELLATION PROPER CODES. ////SUMMARY: Canceled prior to arrival. . Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be billed).

23:56 TRAFFIC STOP 140916095
Officer initiated activity at Tuolumne Rd/Soulsbyville Rd, Sonora.////SUMMARY: Non-illuminated license plate light and vehicle required mud flaps. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

23:57 WELFARE CHECK 140916096
Occurred on Leland Dr, Sonora. Rp req a welck on her 5yoa daughter who is with her father . Rp and the father were in a argument over the phone and the rp believes the resp is poss hbd and was yelling and cussing at his mother who is at the residence. /////00046hrs Daughter was sleeping and appeared to be fine. Father did not appear to be HBD. Grandma was fine. . Disposition: Log Note.

00:05 TRAFFIC STOP 140917001
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/CHABROULLIAN Ln, Jamestown.Summary:I conducted a traffic stop on the above vehicle for a lighting violation. Driver was given a verbal warning and released at the scene. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

Officer initiated activity at Tuolumne Rd/Standard Rd, Sonora.////SUMMARY: Male sleeping in his vehicle. Patrol check. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

00:44 TRAFFIC STOP 140917003
Officer initiated activity at Sonora Ford, Mono Wy, Sonora.////SUMMARY: Driver's windshield obstructed view and obstructed license plate. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

Officer initiated activity at Mono Wy/Hillsdale Dr, Sonora.Male inside vehicle. ////SUMMARY: Male and female traveling and sleeping in their vehicle. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

01:53 TRAFFIC STOP 140917006
Officer initiated activity at Victoria Pl/Hwy 108, Jamestown.Summary:I conducted a traffic stop on the above vehicle for a lighting violation. Driver was given a verbal warning and released at the scene. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

02:25 Calls Transferred to CDF (Public Service Request) 140917007
Officer initiated activity at Wigwam Rd/Hwy 108, Jamestown.Located subjects with a warming fire that was in a dangerous area. Fire responded and put it out and the subjects were talked to about being responsible. nfa. . Disposition: Log Note.

Officer initiated activity at Cherry Valley Bl/Tuolumne Rd, Tuolumne.////SUMMARY: Patrol Check. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

Occurred on Gunsight Rd, Columbia. Transfer from CHP stockton///Male on the line stating he does not know his name and will not answer any questions. ///Rp states he does not want help he just wants to die where he is. Rp states he wants to die. Rp will not answer questions he just keeps coughing. Rp does not remember calling 911.
//Summary:Contacted resp who was intoxicated. He stated he meant to call his girlfriend but called 911 on accident. Resp did not want any assistance. I offered to call an ambulance if he needed help but he declined. nfa. . Disposition: Log Note.

07:57 VANDALISM 140917018
Occurred at Pine Mountain Lake Lodge on Lake Lodge Cir/Pine Mtn Dr. , Grovelan. Rpts 594 to the soda machine. resp kicked the front of the machine. Damage was discovered on Saturday and likely occurred Friday night. . .

07:57 SEXUAL ASSAULT 140917019
Occurred at /Unknown, Grovelan. Rp is calling from the Psychiatric Unit at UC Davis. Rp is reporting that a female is at their facility saying that she was raped in June at a friends residence in Groveland. Suspect/ . Rp has only limited information at this time. . .

08:06 FOLLOW UP 140917020
Officer initiated activity at Seventh St, Jamestown.Followup. . .