Department Badge Tuolumne County Sheriff
Media Bulletin for Wednesday, August 27, 2014

08:59 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 140826022
Occurred at Railtown on Reservoir Rd/Fifth Av. , Jamestow. Rpts the father of her child . is refusing to give the rp their 4 yoa child. Rp standing by in a bright pink shirt. resp might leave in a uhaul van. ///Rp said she is leaving for rehab in the morning and taking her daughter with her. Resp says he just wants to spend the day with his daughter. Both agreed for to take their child and return in the morning with her to give back to rp before she leaves. NFA. . Disposition: Log Note.

09:26 911 HANG UP 140826023
Occurred on Lyons Bald Mtn Rd, Sonora. 911 call with an open line, water running, and some shutting or slamming.
//on call back, the voicemail has not been set up and the call does not go thru.

Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Log Note.

09:44 FRAUD 140826024
Occurred at Mother Lode Fairgrounds on Southgate Dr. , Sonora C. The rp in the lobby, is concerned about a subject holding a raffle down at the fairgrounds misrepresenting himself as being associated with Tuol Co SAR. . Disposition: Report Taken.

09:50 THEFT - ALL 140826025
Occurred on Seventh St, Jamestow. Rpts unkn subject stole his methadone. ** 10-21 984-9065 ** ////1130 hours, no answer, left voice mail to call back when avail.
////SUMMARY: r/p reported he left the window down on his vehicle, and his medication on the floor between the driver and passenger seats around 8 last night. This morning around 8, the r/p realized he left his medication in an unsecured vehicle and his methadone was missing. the r/p estimated approx. 96 pills were left in the bottle. the r/p was given an incident # for his records. . Disposition: Log Note.

09:57 Calls Transferred to CDF (Public Service Request) 140826026
Occurred on Arbolada Dr, La Grang. Rpts a small fire starting in an area where there was already a fire this year. //transfered to cal fire. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

10:05 PROB ALL OTHER 140826027
Occurred on Willow Av, Tuolumne. Probation Compliance Check. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

10:14 Calls Transferred to CDF (Public Service Request) 140826029
Occurred on Shell Rd, Jamestow. Rpts a motorhome is on fire. //transfered to cal fire. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

10:15 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140826030
Occurred on Sixth Av, Jamestow. The rp reports there has been a trailer parked on his rental property without his permission or his renters permission for a month. He is enrt there now to tell them to leave again. Rp will call back if he needs assistance. //incident closed pending recontact from rp. . Disposition: Log Note.

10:27 MISC INFORMATION 140826031
Occurred on Ferrari Rd, Sonora. Rp would like a target gun picked up and turned in.
//Summary: Pellet gun booked for destruction. . Disposition: Report Taken.

10:37 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140826032
Occurred on Blue Bell E, Sonora. Rp in the lobby to report her children's father picked up the kids this morning without permission. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

10:53 MISC INFORMATION 140826033
Occurred at Dodge Ridge Ski Resort on Dodge Ridge Rd. , Pinecres. Rpts threats from a former employee. ////I spoke to the RP who said they terminated an employee and she believes he is a possible threat to the company. Discussed with the RP about obtaining a TRO.
//1240 hrs., Req's a welfare check at . subject drives an older white explorer with dented left rear fender.
//Summary: I contacted who stated he is safe and secure. . Disposition: Log Note.

11:05 THEFT - ALL 140826034
Occurred at Black Oak Casino on Tuolumne Rd N. , Tuolumne. Theft of purse and contents, occurred 8/16/14 at 1900hrs.

////SUMMARY: Report taken \\\\. . Disposition: Report Taken.

11:16 ASSAULT 140826035
Occurred at Twain Harte on (Unknown Address). . is in the ER for treatment of injuries from an assault that occurred by the water tower in Twain Harte. Re:I#140826008. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred on Red Gulch Rd, Columbia. Rpts hearing 1 round fired from a large caliber weapon around 2300 hrs last night. Rp believes the round was fired from the Saw Mill Flat area. . Disposition: Log Note.

11:23 ASSIST CHP 140826037
Occurred at New Melones Reservoir on New Melones/Melones. . CHP is requesting a boating unit or SAR unit check the inside of a partially submerged vehicle for any human remains. The vehicle is a prior 10851 from CHP San Andreas in 2007. The vin does not currently show as 10851 due to the age of entry. Re:I#140822042. //Per Sgt Erhardt. vehicle was checked on 8/24/14 and no human remains were located. vehicle with be checked again on Sunday 8/29/14. CHP advised. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

11:24 PEDESTRIAN STOP 140826038
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/STURGIS Rd, Sonora.Out with a subject. . Disposition: Log Note.

11:41 TRAFFIC STOP 140826040
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/HWY 49, Jamestown.Just off Hwy 108 near Sierra Rock. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

Occurred on Fern Ln, Sonora. A male subject with "Heritage" came to the house and was trying to sell a home inspection.
Latino male, mid 30's, 5'10", 190lbs, dk complexion, mustache and goatee, veh/ gry 4d sedan. Left about 15-20min ago and told the rp he was going to hit every house on the block.
Summary: I checked the area but as unable to locate the subjects or anything suspicious. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

12:17 THREATS - ALL 140826043
Occurred at Sonora Mini Mart on Tuolumne Rd. , Sonora. 10-21 after 1800hrs today . Rpts threats from an ex employee . //
Spoke to RP who reported she has received threatening text messages from an ex employee, . RP gave examples which did not meet 422 PC; RP already knew they did not meet the requirements but requested documentation per her employer in case something happens. RP stated there is an upcoming court date. I gave advice on what the RP could do to handle the situation; advise subject of restraining order if she continues and contact us. RP will call back if needed. nfa. . Disposition: Log Note.

12:30 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140826044
Officer initiated activity at Cascade Mobile Home Park, Wards Ferry Rd, Sonora.Eviction posting. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

12:41 VANDALISM 140826046
Occurred on El Oso Wy, Sonora. Rp is in the lobby to report 594 to his motorcycle/ gas tank/ saddle bags. Resp is the rps wife.
//Summary: RP wished to have it documented that his wife damaged his motorcycle. . Disposition: Log Note.

12:51 THEFT - ALL 140826047
Occurred on Hwy 49, Sonora. Theft of household items from a rental home on the same property. Taken: Dishes, heaters, fans and other misc items. //// met w/ Rp and responsible who still occupies the rental. Rp had a printed list of items she believes are missing. Resp denied most of the items listed were missing bt admitted a few may be. He said if items were missing he roomed with another person and would check with them to get the items back. I advised Rp to make a larger list of damaged or missing items, their value and send the bill to the resp. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

12:56 ADVICE 140826048
Occurred on Feather River Dr, Sonora. Rp in the lobby for contact. He is wanting to know how to get his belongings due to the TRO.
//Summary: I wtold the RP to follow the TRO and advised him to contact the courts to have an order made for him to retrieve his property. . Disposition: Log Note.

13:17 Calls Transferred to CDF (Public Service Request) 140826049
Occurred on Robina Cir. Req's lift assist only. no injuries. //transfered to cal fire.

Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

13:42 THREATS - ALL 140826050
Occurred at Realty World on Main St. , Jamestow. Rpts threats, /// advised RP to seek a TRO. . Disposition: Log Note.

13:50 PROB ALL OTHER 140826051
Occurred on Dusty Tl, Sonora. Probation Compliance Check. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.

13:53 MISC INFORMATION 140826052
Occurred on Calaveras County. . Disposition: Advised.

Occurred on Sawmill Flat Rd, Columbia. Rp believes she heard a vehicle accident. // transfered to cal fire. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

14:09 FRAUD 140826054
Occurred on Hemlock St, Grovelan. Someone has opened a line on her Verizon account.

Summary: Rp advised someone opened a phone number in her name. She never opened the line and Verizon required a report number to look into the situation. She was provided with an incident number and given advise on ID theft. . Disposition: Log Note.

14:14 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140826055
Officer initiated activity at Lime Rock Dr, Sonora.Civil Service.
TRO served at residence without incident. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

14:22 911 HANG UP 140826056
Occurred on Zeni Ln, Tuolumne. Fixed ATTMO 911 call with an open line, movement heard. Line disconnected. On call back the phone was hung up.
////SUMMARY: Spoke to Female who advised she was girlfriend. The phone was in her pocket and she did not need 911. People heard laughing and talking in the background. Homeowners present and secure. No response needed.

Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Log Note.

14:28 PROB ALL OTHER 140826057
Occurred on Brad-Lee Dr, Twain Ha. Probation Compliance Check. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.

14:32 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140826058
Officer initiated activity at Mount Hope Ln, Soulsbyville.Civil Service. //Negative Service. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

14:38 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140826059
Officer initiated activity at Old Wards Ferry Rd, Sonora.TRO Service. //Good Service. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

Occurred at Taco Bell on Mono Wy. , Sonora. Rpts subjects in a vehicle in the parking lot smoking meth. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

14:46 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140826063
Officer initiated activity at Hani Dr, Tuolumne.Civil Service. //Good Service. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

Officer initiated activity at Cedar St, Tuolumne.Compliance Check. //UTL. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

15:03 PROB ALL OTHER 140826065
Occurred on Cedar St, Tuolumne. Probation Compliance Check. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.

15:13 Harassments 140826066
Occurred on Eastview Dr, Tuolumne. is at the rps residence and harassing her. The rp has locked herself in her room and does not know if is still at the residence.
///?SUMMARY: subject was GOA. Checked the area, UTL. Advised graveyard to check the residence later tonight. NFA // 08-27-2014 0828hrs, is back at the res. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

15:22 911 HANG UP 140826067
Occurred on Nile River Dr, Sonora. 911 hang up.
//1523hrs Answering machine on call back.
//1526hrs spoke to a male who was trying to get ahold of Veteran's services for his son who is acting out.
//Rp calling re:I#140826070. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:23 PROB ALL OTHER 140826068
Occurred on Morris Rd, Sonora. Probation Compliance Check. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.

15:26 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140826069
Officer initiated activity at Mother Lode Motors, Mono Wy, Sonora.TRO Service. //UTL. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

15:28 PHYSICAL DISPUTE 140826070
Occurred at Columbia Mhp on Parrotts Ferry Rd. , Columbia. hbd is at the residence beating up the rp and tearing up the house. He is upset over missing $800.00
11-41 refused by both subjects. /// report taken for corporal injury to a spouse. EPO issued to female half. Suspect arrested and transported to TCJ for booking: 273.5 pc and 591 pc he was served with his EPO copy at TCJ. Made the statement that he would be violating the EPO when he gets out to get his truck. . Disposition: Report Taken.

15:39 JUVENILE PROBLEM 140826072
Occurred at Century 21 on Twain Harte Dr. , Twain Ha. Juveniles behind the business smoking and possibly resp for new graffiti going up the stairs of the building. ///SUMMARY: Juveniles no longer on the property. Business requests extra patrol. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:47 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140826073
Officer initiated activity at Crystal Falls Ct, Sonora.TRO Service. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

15:50 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 140826074
Occurred on Preston Ln, Jamestow. Contact the rp in person regarding child custody and paperwork. The father is refusing to give the rp their 6yoa child back. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

16:01 PROPERTY FOUND 140826075
Occurred at Don Pedro Reservoir on Lake Don Pedro/Don Pedro. , La Grang. Rp rpts finding the remains of a gun on the shore due to the low water level.
Serial# 333298 //
RP and business closed. Left message requesting call back in the AM. Closed pending recontact. . Disposition: Log Note.

16:03 THEFT - ALL 140826076
Occurred at Tractor Supply Company on Mono Wy. , Sonora. Rpts possible theft of property. . Rp kicked the resp's out of the store earlier and believes they took merchandise. Rp just passed the resp that were on a traffic stop at Hammond Ford. //Cross connected to the Deputies on scene of the traffic stop. Re:I#140826062.

I spoke with the store manager from tractor supple who saw me stopped with two males. The manager state he escorted the men from his store earlier in the day because he suspected they were stealing. The manager further stated he did not catch either man with any property and requested we check for merchandise. None was located. . Disposition: Log Note.

Officer initiated activity at Deer Flat Rd/Hwy 120, Groveland.Deer Flat Rd turnout about 1/4 mile off Hwy 120.
Summary: Subject was code-4 picking up litter in the area. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

16:15 PEDESTRIAN STOP 140826078
Officer initiated activity at Twin Pines Apartments, Elder Ln, Groveland.Out with .
Summary: Probation search conducted on . No controband located. She was advised to contact probation and report her new address. I entered her new address into RIMS. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred on Crystal Falls Dr W, Sonora. Rp rpts neighbors are yelling at them while they sit on their porch. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

16:32 ABUSE 140826080
Occurred on S Airport Rd, Columbia. Rpts her sister is being abused by her boyfriend, Resp put out his cigarette on the victims face. Victim is at the rp's residence. //1744 Hrs. rp rpts the resp is gone. unkn where he might have gone and he's expressed a desire to commit suicide. but said he wouldn't do it himself. he'd have someone else do it. ///Summary: Male subject arrested, refer to report for further information. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

16:32 ABUSE 140826081
Occurred on McKamey Ct, Sonora. ///RP was given the information over the phone. Original RP is at her residence with her daughter.
//met with both subjects at Mckamey Ct address. Per mother , earlier incident with daughter was that an argument ensued over whether daughters door was going to stay open or not while her boyfriend was there. pushed door open and daughter tried to close it quickly causing door to strike hand but was not caught in doorway to cause any injury. Options and advice were given to . Daughter counseled. nfat. . Disposition: Unfounded.

17:00 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 140826083
Occurred on Aspen Cir, Twain Ha. Rpts 3 subjects in car and one on a motorcycle challenging the rp and his friends to fight. Rp's friends left and are en route to the Pizza Factory in a gray crown victoria & the resp's are following them in a black sports car & a motorcycle. ///SUMMARY: Checked the area, UTL the resp. Spoke to the subjects in the Crown Vic, and they advised they had not seen the subjects. I advised them to watch and if seen, contact the Sheriff's office, and drive to the nearest police station. NFA. . Disposition: Log Note.

17:19 THEFT - ALL 140826085
Occurred on Bench Dr, Jamestow. Theft of mail, occurred 8/11/14. //
RP requesting documentation only at this point. RP stated approx 2 weeks ago his mail was stolen. One of his neighbors found some of it but he just received a letter from the Post Office advising some of his mail had been found in Oakdale. RP concerned about possible ID theft. I advised keeping an eye on his credit and calling back if needed. nfa. . Disposition: Log Note.

17:48 MISC INFORMATION 140826086
Occurred at Big Oak Flat Entrance Station on Hwy 120/UNDEF. , Yosemite. Someone has set off a personal locating beacon "spot" long 37.48.59n 119.55.47w
Possibly related to the vehicle accident. Xrefer 140826084. . Disposition: Log Note.

18:16 ALARM ALL TYPES 140826089
Occurred at Foothill Leadership Academy on Susan Wy. , Sonora. Audible alarm, activation office entry door; key holder pending . //1846 hr cancel per subscriber. . Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be billed).

Occurred at Round Table Pizza on Mono Wy. , Sonora. Rpts there are 2 pitbull-like dogs in a toyt dk gry . The owners left the hatchback and windows open and the dogs are lunging at passers-by . Rp disconnected the line when dispatch attempted to get further. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

Occurred at Hornitos/Bear Valley Rd. Mariposa in pursuit w/b hornitos/bear valley rd and approaching Hornitos/Merced Falls Rd req assistance. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

19:23 TRAFFIC STOP 140826093
Officer initiated activity at Pine Mountain Main Gate, Pine Mtn Dr, Groveland.1/4 mile North of Main Gate
Summary: Driver was stopped for a violation of 4000 (A) CVC. The driver was able to produce a valid moving permit for the vehicle. He was issued a 310 Form. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

19:43 JUVENILE PROBLEM 140826094
Occurred on Livermore Ct, Soulsbyv. Rp req personal contact, rpts his daughter is out of control yelling and screaming. . Disposition: Log Note.

20:13 CITIZEN FLAG DOWN 140826097
Officer initiated activity at Mar-Val Main Street Market, Main St, Groveland.In the parking lot .
Summary: Subject wanted a signature of correction on a mechanical citation. Vehicle was inspected and the violation had been corrected. . Disposition: Log Note.

20:16 ADVICE 140826099
Occurred on Oak View Dr, Twain Ha. Req 10-21 advice regarding bad checks at his business.
SUMMARY: Called the number listed. There was no answer. I left a message referring him to the bad the check program and telling him to recall if he needed further information. . Disposition: Log Note.

20:39 MISC INFORMATION 140826100
Occurred at Park Av/Lake Dr, Jamestow. Rp doing surveillance in the area Rp will be in a blu, 95. mercury, grand marquis with 22" rims. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred at Rambling Hills Estates on Parrotts Ferry Rd. , Columbia. Rpts just returning home and finding her locked door open///Summary: Arrived on scene and contacted RP. RP and friend searched the residence prior to my arrival and did not see any items missing or damaged. The RP believes her neighbor had something to do with it, but she cannot prove it. The RP requested documentation of the incident.
Service Class: RESD. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred on Keith Ct, Soulsbyv. Rpts second hand info that is at the res. Rp called back and advised is being mean to and rp can hear the male in the background yelling. //
Contacted the intoxicated female in front of the subjects house. The female is protected from the male but she was in front of his house and he was trying to get her to leave; he even called a cab for her. The RP picked up the female to take her home. nfa. . Disposition: Log Note.

20:49 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 140826103
Occurred on Long Barn Rd, Long Bar. Rpts he is having a domestic dispute with his girlfriend . Female is threatening to kick the rp out of the house. Talked to the female and she advised she will go into the bedroom and close the door until we get on scene. Both parties are HBD.//
Contacted both subjects. Intoxicated male fell into the wall when we arrived. He just wanted someone to tell the female he was right and she had to evict him. The eviction process was explained to the female and the male was also told if he was tired of the situation he could move voluntarily. nfa. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

21:03 ALARM ALL TYPES 140826104
Occurred at Us Forest Service on Cedar Rd. , Sonora. Entry motion; key holder pending. // 2109 hrs cancel employee error. . Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be billed).

Occurred at 559-5035 on Shannon Dr. , Sonora. Rpts her daughter just called and told her mother "she has a plan and is going to kill herself". When the rp asked her what she was going to do, the resp told the rp she has a plan. Resp suffers from depression, 10yoa child in the res as well. Rp last spoke with her daughter 10 ago
//talked with for several minutes, negative criteria for 5150. She appeared fine. Advice given. nfat. . Disposition: Log Note.

21:19 ALARM ALL TYPES 140826106
Occurred at Us Forest Service on Cedar Rd. , Sonora. Audible alarm, area of activation EA room. key holder pending. . Disposition: False Alarm will be billed.

23:12 TRAFFIC STOP 140826109
Officer initiated activity at Chips Chevron, Hwy 108, Jamestown.///Summary: Traffic stop for equipment violation, warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

23:48 ADVICE 140826110
Occurred on Curtis Cir, Sonora. Rp req 10-21 advice regarding his son is also req contact regarding her concerns as well] //
Spoke to first RP who wanted to know why his son was released after being arrested for felonies. I explained AB109, overcrowding, a Judge ordered it-not LE, etc. The first RP understood and requested a restraining order even though his wife was picking their son up to bring him home. I explained the process through the courts. He did not like the answers but understood. Spoke to the second RP who was completely unreasonable and did not want to hear anything. She threatened to sue if something happened to her parents and said it was our responsibility to ensure the safety of her parents. I explained the US Supreme Court had ruled it is not LE responsiblity to ensure the safety of any particular person. 2nd RP kept up with the unreasonable expectations and threats and started insulting Tuolumne Co Jail. I explained every jail in the state was overcrowded and we have no control over who is kept or released. RP ended with another threat. nfa. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

00:00 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 140827001
Occurred at Hwy 108/TWAIN Harte Dr, Twain Ha. Rpts a rolling 415.
Rp will meet a deputy at Tractor Supply.

Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2
//met with rp at Tractor Supply parking lot but above listed vehicle was not there. Per rp, peeled off prior to meeting with me. Followed subject to his home on Mother Lode in Twain Harte to check area for black truck. Utl. nfat. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

00:11 Calls Transferred to CDF (Public Service Request) 140827004
Occurred at Forest View Senior Apts on Hess Av. , Sonora. Caller req PSA, 11-41 refused. Caller transferred to Cal-Fire. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

00:33 PEDESTRIAN STOP 140827005
Officer initiated activity at Tuolumne Market, Tuolumne Rd, Tuolumne.One male on a bike ////SUMMARY: Consensual contact. Subject works at the casino and rides his bicycle home. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

00:37 PEDESTRIAN STOP 140827006
Officer initiated activity at Tuolumne Rd/Cherry Valley Bl, Tuolumne.Out with one male ////SUMMARY: Subject was in the roadway attempting to get a ride into Sonora. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

01:01 TRAFFIC STOP 140827007
Officer initiated activity at Blue Bell E/Lupine Ln, Sonora.////SUMMARY: Non illuminated license plate light. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

01:27 TRAFFIC STOP 140827008
Officer initiated activity at Tuolumne Rd/Kodiak Ct, Sonora.////SUMMARY: Non-illuminated license plate light. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

01:48 ALARM ALL TYPES 140827009
Occurred at Tuolumne County Library on Greenley Rd. , Sonora C. At Archives. Area of activation, north door, double door. ///Summary: Arrived on scene, building secure, false alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm will be billed.

02:10 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 140827010
Occurred on Ninth St, Jamestow. States a male subject is outside yelling and screaming about "shooting someone and then they ran in the corner." Heard only. Patrol check req ref incident 140827011 ///Summary: Patrol check of the area completed. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

02:48 THREATS - ALL 140827011
Occurred on Ninth St, Jamestow. Rpts that Kirby, unknown last, threatened to shoot him the other day over H & S . Ref incident 140827010 ///Summary: Arrived on scene and contacted RP. RP stated three unknown males knocked on his door and accused him of stealing their marijuana. RP denied stealing anything and one of the males, possibly , told the RP they would be back. Completed another patrol check of the area per the RP's request. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred at Fifth Av/Seventh St, Jamestow. Looking for a motorized bicycle //
Heard the bike near 5th ave. Saw the bike twice this week; subject is riding a motorized bike with no lights on the wrong side of the road and no helmet. Did not locate the bike. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

03:18 TRAFFIC STOP 140827013
Officer initiated activity at Tuolumne Rd/Westside Rd, Tuolumne.////SUMMARY: Non-illuminated license plate light. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

03:57 NOISE COMPLAINT 140827014
Occurred on Ninth St, Jamestow. Rp not req contact, rpts the neighbor is playing pool and making too much noise. Rp states ongoing problem. . Disposition: Log Note.

03:58 PEDESTRIAN STOP 140827015
Officer initiated activity at Stockton St/Mill Villa Ct, Sonora City.Out with one male on a motorized bike ////SUMMARY: Not the same subject from the earlier incident. Subject was walking from Jamestown to Columbia with his non operative motorized bicycle. He told us a had stolen his other bicycle and he was on his way to retrieve it. Subject wished to handle the issue on his own and advised to contact the S/O if he needs assistance or wishes to report the bicycle stolen. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred on Oxbow Ln N, Sonora. Rpts barking dogs at the neighbor's res. Ongoing problem. Rp advised to F/U with A/C. RP req documentation of the incident. Incident faxed to A/C for info. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

08:20 PEDESTRIAN STOP 140827020
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 49/RED Hills Rd, Chinese Camp.Out w/subj near the yosemite visitor center. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.