Department Badge Tuolumne County Sheriff
Media Bulletin for Saturday, January 24, 2015

10:30 RUNAWAY JUVENILE 1501240038
Occurred on Shady Oak Dr, Sonora. 10-21 Rp. Rpts is not at the house and the rp has not seen him since she took him to school Tues morning. Rp checked with the school and he was not at school yesterday.
ATC by 10-21 @ 1312 hrs. no answer, left message -D4
ATC by 10-21 @ 1805 hrs. no answer, left message - M4
//1921 hrs rp is now available for contact.
Summary: Spoke to RP who said her foster son, , who is turning 18 years old soon, ran away again after school on Thursday. This has been an ongoing problem with . RP said usually returns after a few days but will not tell deputies or RP where he goes. has been meeting with probation regarding this ongoing issue and RP said she has an upcoming meeting with them. RP did not wish to make a report or have entered into MUPS. RP just wanted documentation did not return home again and to inform deputies in case he is contacted. often spends time in the Twain Harte area during the daytime hours when he runs away. . Disposition: Log Note.

10:45 VERBAL DISPUTE 1501240039
Occurred on Kutci Dr, Mi-Wuk V. Rp's estranged son-in-law is outside making threats to run his veh into the rp's veh and res. Assoc dk gry . Resp is a wma, 37 yoa shaved head, lsw gry hooded sweatshirt, blk shorts, tennis shoes. //1051 hrs resp has left the area. Resp called the rp's daughter and told the rp's daughter that he was going to go kill his mother in Modesto. Rp connected to MPD.

Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: W911
Summary: Deputies arrived on scene but responsible had already left. Contacted Rp who advised the male subject was upset because their daughter was in the process of leaving him and was taking custody of their two children. Rp advised no criminal threats were made, they just didn't want him at the residence causing a disturbance. Rp is already in the process of getting a restraining order and was advised to follow through. Rp requested documentation only and to evaluate the subject if he was located. Deputies responded to the male subjects residence in Strawberry and located the responsible's vehicle. Attempted contact at the residence but there was no answer. Information was passed on to the TCSO Pinecrest unit, US Forest Service Law Enforcement and CHP, who were in the area and on scene. . Disposition: Log Note.

10:50 PATROL CHECK 1501240040
Officer initiated activity at Starr Mhp, Jamestown Rd, Sonora.Summary: Patrol check of the mobile home park. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

11:07 TRAFFIC STOP 1501240041
Officer initiated activity at Third Av/Ninth St, Jamestown.Summary: Vehicle stopped for brake light out. Warning Given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

11:16 VERBAL DISPUTE 1501240042
Occurred on Carter St, Tuolumne. 2 drs to the left of rp's res, rp is rpting loud 415V
Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Log Note.

11:34 911 HANG UP 1501240043
Occurred at Rawhide Mhp on Old Melones Dam Rd. , Jamestow. 911HU, on call back line busy. Second call back line still busy. AT & T line interrupt advises no conversation on the line.

Summary: No one appeared to be at the residence. Residence was secure. . Disposition: Log Note.

11:36 TRAFFIC HAZARD 1501240044
Occurred at Sparks Ranch Resort on Tuolumne Rd. , Sonora. Out with loose dog in the roadway.

Summary: Collected dog and returned to owner. . Disposition: Citizen Assisted or Community Orientated Policing.

11:43 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1501240045
Officer initiated activity at Grizzly Cir, Groveland. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

11:45 VERBAL DISPUTE 1501240046
Occurred on Williamson Rd, Jamestow. Rpts the neighbor is making threats to "kick the neighbors butt" over an "unknown" issue. Resp is currently on his front porch yelling and screaming

Summary: Spoke with both parties. According to both parties this is an ongoing issue and the resp this time is moving out of his propery which will hopefully eleviate future problems by all parties. . Disposition: Log Note.

11:57 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1501240049
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 120, Big Oak Flat. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

Occurred on Madrone St, Tuolumne. Rpts was just harassing the rp and her grandson and yelling at the them in violation of TRO
Summary: Suspect issued citation for violation a court order. See report. . Disposition: Citation Criminal.

12:11 TRAFFIC STOP 1501240052
Officer initiated activity at West Entrance, Hwy 108/TWAIN Harte Dr, Twain Harte.Summary: Initiated a traffic stop for equipment violation. A warning was given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

12:34 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1501240053
Officer initiated activity at Priest Coulterville Rd, Big Oak Flat. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

12:41 PEDESTRIAN STOP 1501240054
Officer initiated activity at Rawhide Mhp, Old Melones Dam Rd, Jamestown.Out with at the bottom of the MHP.
Summary: Subject arrested for local warrant and 1164.1H&S. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

13:02 PEDESTRIAN STOP 1501240055
Officer initiated activity at Reservoir Rd/Fifth Av, Jamestown.Out with one male near the railroad tracks

Summary: Consent encounter with male subject. NFA. . Disposition: Log Note.

13:10 ADVICE 1501240056
Occurred at Columbia Mhp on Parrotts Ferry Rd. , Columbia. Rp req contact regarding harassment

Summary: Was unable to make contact with the rp. Rp has a voicemail box which was not set up. Closed pending re-contact.
Summary: Unable to contact. closed pending recontact, per S11. . Disposition: Log Note.

13:15 VERBAL DISPUTE 1501240057
Occurred at Banks Glass on Victoria Pl. , Jamestow. Rp rpts a 415V, male vs female, both subject poss 647f and making camp on the lawn near the gas station
male/ LSW a red hoodie
female / LSW blk shirt and beenie

Summary: Male and female subject were sitting out back on the lawn of the CC gas station and sharing a tall can of beer. I had them tip out the can and put the trash away. Female subject said she was on the phone yelling at a family member and not in an argument with her partner, the male half. Both subjects admitted to drinking, but did not meet the elements for drunk in public. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred at Zaks Auto Shack on Hwy 108. , Mi-Wuk V. SPD received and anonymous tip that is at the business, rp currently has a BOL out for the subject and req we check welfare and advise SPD if subject is located.

subject was goa. checked area, utl. SPD advised. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

13:42 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1501240060
Occurred on Salinas St, La Grang. Eviction notice on

Summary: Attempted to serve 30 day eviction notice. Nobody home. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

13:45 PROPERTY FOUND 1501240061
Officer initiated activity at Madrone St, Tuolumne.Summary:Collected $24.00 from roadway. Owner located and returned at the TCSO. nfa. . Disposition: Citizen Assisted or Community Orientated Policing.

13:46 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 1501240062
Occurred on Wells Fargo Dr, Grovelan. CHP on scene, code 4, req unit respond for 415. . Disposition: Canceled by RP.

13:48 FOLLOW UP 1501240063
Occurred on Cattledrive Tl, Columbia.
Rp req follow up regarding a gun missing from the residence.

Summary: Rp said her ex-partner cleaned out his gun safe at their house prior to being arrested yesterday by SPD and took a hand gun which is registered in her name. The rp said all she knew, the hand gun was a 9mm. The rp wanted it documented only. . Disposition: Log Note.

13:57 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1501240064
Occurred on Seventh St, Jamestow. Rp rpts her roommate stole items from her residence.

Summary: Theft report was taken. See report. . Disposition: theft residence.

Occurred on .unknown, Calavera. . Disposition: Log Note.

14:07 SUSPICIOUS CIRC 1501240066
Occurred at Carmelita Ln/Buena Vista Dr, La Grang. Rp rpts sus circ

Summary: Located 50 gal drum approximately 50 yards away from pond. Leaking small amount of engine oil. Envorenmental Health and Fish and Wildlife responded to scene and determined minimal risk to environment. Possible suspect in dumping located. Environmental Health and Fish and Wildlife handled. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

14:33 THREATS - ALL 1501240069
Occurred at Don Pedro Market on Hwy 132. , La Grang. Rp rpts threats
Summary: Rp states there is an ongoing issue regarding resp, Rp was advised to obtain a tro. . Disposition: Log Note.

14:51 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1501240071
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 120, Big Oak Flat. . Disposition: Civil Problem.

14:55 PEDESTRIAN STOP 1501240072
Officer initiated activity at Twain Harte School Lower Campus, Manzanita Dr, Twain Harte.By the basketball courts
Summary: Deputy stopped a subject walking with a beer can, but determined it was already empty. Subject stated he was going to recycle the can. Negative 647(f)PC. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:04 INJURED DEER 1501240074
Occurred on Oakhaven Ln, Sonora. Rp rpts inj deer poss broken or dislocated leg.
Summary: Deputy arrived on scene and spoke with Rp who advised the deer got it's leg caught in a fence but it was able to get free. Rp believed the deer was still injured and it was last seen walking toward the neighbors yard. Checked the area, unable to locate. Gone on arrival. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:12 PROPERTY LOST 1501240076
Occurred on Jumper Mine Rd, Jamestow. Rpts called her and told you that she found her money in the driveway. Female advised her a deputy had stopped and asked her if the money was hers.
Summary: Refer to incident 1501240061. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:37 JUVENILE PROBLEM 1501240078
Occurred on Lucky Strike Tl, Sonora.
Rp rpts her 16 yoa son out of control husband is currently restraining resp, resp had a knife and was trying to break things and refused to drop the knife, knife is now secure and resp is restrained. 2 small children inside the residence. unknown if there are other weapons in the room w/ the resp.
Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2
Summary: Deputy contacted the responsible party and parents. Determined the juvenile subject said he was going to throw a pocket knife at the mirror in his room to break it because he was angry with his mother. When the subject made a furtive movement like he was going to throw the knife at the mirror, the subjects father took the knife from him and physically restrained him until law enforcement arrived. No threats were made by the subject to harm himself or anyone else with the knife and he did not brandish the knife in a rude or threatening manner. Both the parents and juvenile were interviewed separately and both confirmed no suicidal statements were made during this incident. Rp does not believe the juvenile will harm himself or others in the household. Deputy advised them of counseling options and provided them with contact information for family support, mental health and other available resources. Nothing further requested. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:50 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1501240080
Occurred on Tuolumne Rd N, Tuolumne. Rp req 10-21 needs advice re: child custody
Summary: RP stated her daughter is staying with her ex-husband over the weekend. In the custody order it states that the husband is to text the RP at least once a day to let her know that their daughter is okay. The resp. usually texts around the afternoon but never did. The rp became concerned and attempted to contact the resp but he would not respond so she contacted the Sheriff’s Office. Prior to my contact, the resp. text the RP stating he left his phone in the car and everything was okay. The rp wanted documentation only. . Disposition: Log Note.

15:57 911 MISDIAL 1501240081
Occurred on Mill Villa Rd, Jamestow. 911 misdial. Rp states she meant to call 411. No emergency. . Disposition: Log Note.

16:07 VERBAL DISPUTE 1501240082
Occurred at Starr Mhp on Jamestown Rd. , Sonora. Subject on the line something about "tweakers" and having a poss "broken finger" The line was then disconnected by the caller. Ref to inc # 150124083. . Disposition: Log Note.

16:08 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 1501240083
Occurred at Starr Mhp on Jamestown Rd. , Sonora. REF INC # 1501240082
Rp rpts her brother choked her, hit her, and picked her up by the neck, rp is bleeding from the elbow and has red marks on her neck, shoulders, and legs, 11-41 refused. Rp is on the porch os space 24 and resp is inside sp 25.
Service Class: VOIP
Summary: Mutual combat between brother and sister. Neither party wanted the other arrested. Female arrested, see report for details. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

16:21 VERBAL DISPUTE 1501240085
Occurred at Sonora Estates on S Airport Rd. , Columbia. Rpts 415V with her husband Rp states there is a no violence order.
Summary: wanted me to talk to because they got into an argument and has a be good order. Jennifer did not want arrested. I spoke to both parties and they agreed to separate for the rest of the day. . Disposition: Log Note.

16:30 INJURED DEER 1501240087
Officer initiated activity at Longeway Rd/Lucky Strike Tl, Sonora.Summary: Flagged down by motorist. Driver informed me a deer was hit by a vehicle and was in the area. Attempted to locate but I was utl on the deer. GOA nfa. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

17:07 FOOT PATROL 1501240088
Officer initiated activity at Pinecrest Reservoir, On The Lake/Pinecrest Lake, Pinecrest.Summary
foot patrol at lake and marina areas. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

17:16 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 1501240089
Occurred on Parrotts Ferry Rd, Columbia. Rp @ 0615 saw lg mountain lion cross hwy 108/wigwam rd. . Disposition: Log Note.

17:36 911 HANG UP 1501240091
Occurred on Fallen Leaf Dr, Jamestow. Male on the line states never mind and hung up, on call back male states never mind everything is fine then disconnected the line, 2nd call back male states he no longer needs anyone and refused when asked for information, finally was able to get a name and he stated everything has calmed down and that his daughter threw something at him when asked who his daughter was or her age subject hung up.
Summary: Contacted the rp who stated he was in an argument with his adult daughter. Rp stated the argument and stopped and the resp had left. Nothing suspicious was found inside the residence. NFA
Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Log Note.

18:05 911 HANG UP 1501240093
Occurred on Manzanita Dr, Twain Ha. 911 hang up on call back spoke w/ the rp who states she was trying to retrieve the last number who called her and must have accidentally dialed 911, rp states everything is fine and apologized for calling, kids could be heard playing the background. sounded C4
Service Class: RESD. . Disposition: Log Note.

18:16 ADVICE 1501240094
Occurred at Columbia Inn Motel on Broadway St. , Columbia. Rp is concerned people are harassing his friend , rp req 10-21 for advice
Summary: believes his friend, is being harassed and someone is using the sheriff's office against him. I told I haven't heard anything from and if he had a complaint he can file one at the Sheriffs Office. told me he would be showing up at the Sheriffs Office on Monday to speak to the Sheriff. . Disposition: Log Note.

18:30 911 MISDIAL 1501240095
Occurred on Trace Rd, Sonora. Rp called on 911 stating she does not have an emergency req non emergency line number.
Service Class: RESD. . Disposition: Log Note.

18:33 ADVICE 1501240096
Occurred on Trace Rd, Sonora. Rp requesting 10-21 about a 602
Summary: RP wanted to inform TCSO there has been several vehicles parking at the end of Trace Rd late at night. RP has also found drug paraphernalia in the area. RP had some of the resp come onto her property the previous night and suspects the resp's are juveniles. . Disposition: Log Note.

18:36 DISABLED VEHICLE 1501240098
Occurred at Tuolumne Rd/Tuolumne Rd N, Tuolumne. Just west of the Casino, disabled veh blocking the roadway. Forest service units E5 and 16E2 are on scene. 11-85 enrt and Chp advised. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

18:44 INJURED DEER 1501240099
Occurred on Jamestown Rd, Sonora. Rp rpts an injured deer in the middle of the road//caller transferred to CHP. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

18:49 TRAFFIC STOP 1501240101
Officer initiated activity at Soulsbyville Rd/Black Oak Rd, Soulsbyville.Summary: Vehicle stopped for crossing double yellow lines and no turn signal. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

19:07 INJURED DEER 1501240102
Occurred at Sierra Meadows Dr/Jamestown Rd, Sonora. Chp w/injured deer in a neighborhood. req AC assist because they cannot dispatch deer due to proximity of housing.
// deer now at Sierra Mdws E of Jamestown rd.
Summary: Deer appeared to have a back injury and was attempting to walk into traffic. Animal was dispatched. . Disposition: Animal Destroyed.

Occurred at Ninth St/Third Av, Jamestow. Rp rpts a wma is pounding on the door across the street yelling obscenities . Resp LSW a dark jacket, rp states house is dark but he thinks someone is inside.
Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

19:35 ALARM ALL TYPES 1501240104
Occurred at Sierra Bible Church on Tuolumne Rd. , Sonora. Audible tripped from the far motion at the youth lower portable. keyholder pending. //1939hrs no responder. . Disposition: False Alarm will be billed.

Officer initiated activity at N Washington St/Theall St, Sonora City.Summary
Assisted SPD with a fight on washington St. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

20:04 SUSPICIOUS CIRC 1501240108
Occurred on Lyons Bald Mtn Rd, Sonora. Rp rpts 2 15 yoa females just came to the rps door stating their father dropped them off and told them to wait here. Rp did not let them in.
1/gray hoodie and blu jeans

Checked the area UTL. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

20:07 Party 1501240109
Occurred at Ponderosa Wy/Canyonview Dr, Tuolumne. Rp rpts a party w/ 15 juvs and a bon fire screaming and yelling in the area. Rp states "it is not even a burn night".
Summary: Made contact with the home owner. We informed him the music was too loud. He agreed to turn off the music.
Service Class: VOIP. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

20:44 DISABLED VEHICLE 1501240111
Occurred at High School Rd/Hwy 108, Jamestow. Summary: Disabled vehicle on shoulder of roadway. Subjects stated they were waiting for tow truck arrival. NFA. . Disposition: Log Note.

20:54 TRAFFIC STOP 1501240112
Officer initiated activity at Sixth Av/Eighth St, Jamestown.Summary: Stopped vehicle for not using a turn signal. Citation issued. . Disposition: Citation Moving.

21:16 JUVENILE PROBLEM 1501240114
Occurred at Mary Laveroni Park on Hwy 120/BACK St. , Grovelan. 4 juveniles in the park are throwing the rocks around, tearing the bell apart.

Summary: Walked park on foot, did not locate anybody around or any vandalism. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

Officer initiated activity at State St, Columbia.S/S. //neg service. . Disposition: Log Note.

21:32 VANDALISM 1501240116
Occurred on Tuolumne Rd N, Twain Ha. Rp rpts 594
Summary: Upon arriving, there were two "mini bibles" that were burned and appeared to have been put out with fire extinguishers. The back door of the church was slightly opened. We searched the inside o the building and it was clear. There was no damage or anything missing from the inside. The RP wanted documentation only and requested extra patrol.
Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Log Note.

21:39 TRAFFIC STOP 1501240117
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/WIGWAM Rd, Jamestown. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

21:43 TRAFFIC STOP 1501240118
Officer initiated activity at Parrotts Ferry Rd/Green St, Columbia.Summary: I conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle with a brake light out. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

21:47 ATTEMPT TO CONTACT 1501240120
Occurred on Overlook Dr, Sonora. Rp req ATC. . Disposition: Log Note.

21:50 VERBAL DISPUTE 1501240121
Occurred on Mother Lode Dr, Twain Ha. Rp rpting 415
Service Class: VOIP

Summary - Female half agreed to go to bed. . Disposition: Log Note.

22:43 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 1501240125
Occurred at Zeni Ln/Yosemite Rd, Tuolumne. Rp rpts finding a female German Short Hair Pointer in the area. Dog is wearing 2 collars a black shock collar and a beige or brown collar no tags. Rp is taking the dog home w/ her. . Disposition: Animal Control (Dispatched by TCSO).

22:49 PEDESTRIAN STOP 1501240126
Officer initiated activity at Rocca Park, Main St/Smoke St, Jamestown.Out with two. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

23:41 TRAFFIC STOP 1501240127
Officer initiated activity at Tuolumne Rd N/Tuolumne Rd, Tuolumne.Summary: Vehicle stopped for no headlights on. Resp stated she could not tell the headlights were not on due to the lights at casino entry. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

23:53 CITIZEN FLAG DOWN 1501240128
Officer initiated activity at Jamestown Rd/Mt Brow Rd, Sonora.Summary: I provided transport for a male and female to Star mobile home park from Jamestown Rd. at Mt. Brow rd. . Disposition: Log Note.

Officer initiated activity at Jamestown Rd/Golf Links Rd, Jamestown.Summary: I checked on a vehicle on the side of the road on Jamestown Rd. Nothing further. . Disposition: Log Note.

Occurred at Old Hwy 120/HWY 120, Grovelan. Nearly run off the road @10mins ago by a gry mitsubishi eclipse which was pulling into 1st res on the L - big party. // rp transferred to chp. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.

00:33 TRAFFIC STOP 1501250004
Officer initiated activity at Seventh St/Seventh Av, Jamestown.Summary: Stopped vehicle for running lights not working. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

00:35 ASSIST CHP 1501250005
Officer initiated activity at Mono Wy/Tuolumne Rd, Sonora.Summary - Assist CHP with a traffic stop. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.

00:43 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 1501250006
Occurred at Tuolumne Rd/Standard Rd, Sonora. Cow out in the roadway.
Summary: Cow in the road at intersection of Tuolumne Rd and Standard Rd. Cow jumped back over fence line. Owner contacted and informed of area cow jumped fence. . Disposition: Log Note.

00:51 Party 1501250007
Occurred on Hani Dr, Tuolumne. Rp states to the left on Hani
Rp rpts an underage party in an abandond house, windows are blocked out w/ blankets.

Summary - Trespass warning given. . Disposition: Log Note.

01:07 PEDESTRIAN STOP 1501250008
Officer initiated activity at Seventh Av/Eighth St, Jamestown.Summary: Contacted two who stated they were walking to their vehicle and going to work. NFA. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

01:20 TRAFFIC STOP 1501250009
Officer initiated activity at Montezuma Junction, Hwy 108/HWY 49, Jamestown.Summary: Driver was issued a warning for 22450 CVC. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

01:29 TRAFFIC STOP 1501250010
Officer initiated activity at Whistlestop, Hwy 108, Jamestown.Summary: Driver arrested for an out of county warrant. See case for details. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

01:50 TRAFFIC STOP 1501250011
Officer initiated activity at The Peppery Gar And Brill, Mono Wy, Sonora.Summary - Driver arrested for 12500(A)VC and Mariposa Co warrants. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

01:56 911 HANG UP 1501250012
Occurred at 7-11 on Joaquin Gully. , Twain Ha. 911 hangup, fax tones on call back.
//on second call back spoke to the clerk who said that there was a fight out in front, but now everyone has left. . Disposition: Log Note.

02:28 PEDESTRIAN STOP 1501250014
Officer initiated activity at Mono Wy/Cavalieri Rd, Sonora.Summary: Consensual contact. Nothing suspicious. . Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.

03:02 TRAFFIC STOP 1501250015
Officer initiated activity at Junction Shopping Center, Mono Wy/Tuolumne Rd, Sonora.Summary: I pulled a vehicle over for a head light out. Warning was given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

06:26 WELFARE CHECK 1501250016
Occurred at Kwik Serve on Hwy 108. , Jamestow. Female at the business stating that her residence was "robbed", says she walked all the way from La Grange, and she is generally upset. . // per rp, she may be 11550 and is w/o any personal belongings.

Summary: Jaylinn Endfinger advised she left her prescription pills at a friends house. She wanted to report them stolen. She was advised to contact her doctor to get a new prescription. Subject was HBD but not 647 (f) PC. . Disposition: Log Note.

06:37 All boating related calls for service 1501250017
Occurred at Knights Ferry on (Unknown Address). . Swift water training. . .

09:09 TRAFFIC STOP 1501250018
Officer initiated activity at Mono Wy/Hess Av, Sonora. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).

09:10 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 1501250019
Occurred at Eagle Ridge Dr/Tuolumne Rd, Sonora. Rp report her 8yoa male large white german shepherd/malamute 'Sirus Thor' ran off sometime this morning after 0300hrs; dog is lsw red collar w/a tag with Patrick Kennedy's name on it and is dragging a long red leash ; dog was tied up to her pickup and rp believes someone untied him while she was sleeping. . Disposition: Animal Control (Dispatched by TCSO).

09:34 Harassments 1501250020
Occurred at Starr Mhp on Jamestown Rd. , Sonora. 10-21 rp; rp reports harassment from 209-591-0732. . .